Does It Matter What Kind Of Mirror You Put In A Bathroom?


Apart from tiles and plumbing fixtures, if you are looking to decorate or re-decorate your bathroom, you’re probably looking into some new mirrors, as well. But, as you’ve probably found out online – not every mirror belongs in the bathroom.

If this was your first time hearing about this, there is a good chance that you thought to yourself how that doesn’t make any sense. Well, we’re here to tell you that it actually does. But, don’t just take us at our word – let us tell you more.

Is There Such Thing As A “Bathroom Mirror”?


Whether you’d like to believe it or not, there are mirrors made for bathrooms. They are not the same as the regular ones.

Now, there is nothing stopping you from installing a regular mirror in your bathroom, but after you’re done with this article – you’ll realize why that may not be too smart.

Either way, here’s what it is.

What Is A Bathroom Mirror?

A bathroom mirror is a mirror made from tempered (or sometimes laminated glass). As you know, tempered glass is a tougher version of regular glass. Therefore, a bathroom mirror is a tougher version of the regular one. That’s essentially what it all comes down to.

Why Does It Matter What Kind Of Mirror You Put In A Bathroom?


Unlike regular glass, tempered glass undergoes a special treatment before it turns into a mirror. Unlike ordinary glass, tempered glass is less brittle and is less susceptible to breaking under force. Additionally, when tempered glass breaks – it breaks into million pieces. The regular one, on the other hand, beaks into only a few, quite often very sharp and pointy pieces. We don’t have to tell you how potentially dangerous that might be.

Another neat thing about tempered glass bathroom mirrors is the fact that they’re rather temperature resistant. Due to frequent temperature changes, regular mirrors might even break on their own, and you wouldn’t want that.

Finally, we all know that bathrooms get hot and steamy while we shower and bathe. In return, the mirrors get wet and foggy. Well, tempered glass mirrors don’t do it as quickly as regular ones do. So, you could pretty much take a 15-minute long shower with extremely hot water, and your mirror would still look perfect.

How To Choose The Perfectly Sized Mirror?


Now that you know everything you need to know about bathroom mirrors and why they’re better than regular ones let’s take a moment to figure out how to choose a perfectly sized mirror for your lavatory.


When it comes to height, you can do pretty much anything you want to do. The thing that matters more is actually placement. If you place the mirror in the correct position, you don’t really have to worry about how tall is it.

However, keep in mind that what might be the perfect height for you might be either too high or too low for the rest of your household members.

So, to be safe, we’d suggest getting a mirror that’s at least 70 cm tall. That way, both grown-ups and kids can use it.


As for the width, the general rule of thumb is to choose a mirror that’s about the width of the countertop.

However, some don’t have countertops but just regular standalone sinks.

So, what do you do?

Well, you choose a mirror that’s wide enough to fit at least two people and fits the overall décor of the bathroom. Go too big or too small with it, and it will just look out of place.

Once again, we’d say 70 cm is the ideal width.

Which Type Of Bathroom Mirrors Can You Choose From?

If you take a look at the catalogue over at, you will notice that there are several types of bathroom mirrors to choose from.


So, which one do you choose?

Well, that’s up to you. But here are some of the main ones to choose from.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are your best option. They’re sleek and elegant, they mount to a wall, and they take up the least space. However, they lack some functionality.

They don’t come with storage space or a little shelf where you can rest your makeup, toothbrush, or other common bathroom items on.

Pivot Mirrors

A pivot mirror is a great choice if you don’t need a large mirror, but you still want the flexibility of everyone in the household using it easily.

A pivot mirror, as you can tell by the name, can pivot in various directions, allowing you the ability to adjust it any way you want and need.

Full-Length Mirrors

If you don’t care about a mirror above your bathroom sink, you can get yourself a full-length mirror that will stretch from the floor all the way to the ceiling.

They’re often mounted directly to the wall or sometimes even in the shower – if you’re pressed for space.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror?

Now, let’s take a look at some useful little tips that could help you choose the perfect mirror for your lavatory.


Find The One That Fits Your Style

Full-length, pivot, wall-mounted or even a decorative mirror – it is totally up to you to choose the one you want. Just keep in mind what works best with your space and needs, and you should have no problems finding the perfect one.

Stick To Your Budget

There’s no need for you to break the bank when shopping for a mirror. Set your budget and stick to it. There is a really good chance that you will find a lovely piece that fits both your bathroom and your wallet – you just have to look.

Aim For Frameless Mirrors

In our own humble opinion, frameless mirrors are your best choice. Here’s why:

  • They’re mounted to a wall – therefore, they’re secure.
  • They’re low profile – therefore, they don’t occupy too much space.
  • They’re by far the best looking – therefore, your reflection will look better.

The last one may not be true, but it was worth the try, wasn’t it?


Now that you’re armed with knowledge – which one are you choosing?

To be fair, whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll make a great choice. Just remember – it matters which kind of mirror goes into your bathroom!