Too Hot To Handle: ‘No Masturbation’ Rule


The producers of, Too Hot To Handle, has enforced the No masturbation rule in the show. The main thing here is, the way they imposed the rule on the contestants. It’s quite invasive.

Too Hot To Handle Cast
Image by: The Sun

The Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, gives a feel like getting up from eight-episode fever dream. The viewers have any questions regarding the show that need to be answered urgently. One of those questions is, too daring to ask. How did the producers manage to look after the, ‘No Masturbation’ rule and able to enforce it?

How the ‘No Masturbation’ Rule was enforced in Too Hot To Handle?

Ethically, the viewers must be thinking, that there couldn’t be cameras in the bathrooms. If is it so, then the possibility of monitoring the self-pleasuring aspect is very less.

A contestant joined the show in the mid-way during the season, his name was Bryce Hirschberg. The contestant told Hollywood Raw Podcast, that the cameras were installed everywhere, there were cameras in the bathroom too. Although he cleared out that the cameras in the bathroom were CCTV and were just there for monitoring purpose. Those cameras were not for broadcast, which were installed in the bathroom.

Too Hot to Handle
Image by: Vogue

This wasn’t enough, a producer told people that the production was able to find a covert way to determine if someone is having pleasure or enjoying some time with themselves.

When Peet was asked if contestants could have cheated, she said that they could have cheated but they were having the best spying pervy producers honestly. Although she was kidding, she further explained that the production team was listening to, if there was something suspicious going on in the middle of a night.

The contestants could be heard by the transcribers or the producers, later they have to decipher what different levels of breathing means. For example: Was it just an innocent trip to the bathroom or was there something else. They had people watching 24*7.