How Can Defective Vehicles Cause Car Accidents?


Car accidents caused due to any reason can be traumatizing. Any car accident is followed by severe injuries, vast medical bills, car repairs, lawsuits, insurance negotiations and much more. It can feel more terrifying to go through all of these alone. And so people get help from an attorney to get through the process. They can help you protect your rights. The common reasons behind a car accident are irresponsible driving, other driver’s negligence, poor road conditions and due to your car’s defect. Click here to know more. But how can a car defect cause accidents? Let us know some reasons behind accidents happening due to your car:

Who is Responsible for the Defective Vehicle?


If you have met an accident due to a faulty vehicle, the civil court of justice holds quite a few numbers or parties behind the accident. Here is a list of liable parties:

  • The vehicle manufacturing company 

The vehicle manufacturing companies have eh liability to ensure that the vehicle they are releasing in the market meets all the levels of safety. If they fail to do so and an accident happens due to faulty synchronisation, the manufacturing company will be held responsible for the accident. 

  • The manufacturer of the part that got defected 

There are multiple ornaments and parts that combine together to be a fully running car on the road. But sometimes the car parts manufacturers make a mistake. These mistakes can be deadly. A faulty part, as you have read in the previous paragraphs, can be the reason for the accident. In these cases, the liability goes to the manufacturer of the parts. 

  • The party who sold the car (dealer)

The sellers or dealers are responsible for taking care of the car and ensuring that they do not make any mistake that could lead to an accident. If during transportation, any vehicle is damaged and it has led to an accident, the dealer will have to pay the compensation for all the damages.

Brake Failure


One of the most common reasons behind car accidents due to car defects is due to brake failure. To avoid getting in accidents because of break failure, send your car for regular servicing. And before you leave your home, test your brakes by driving slowly and then applying your brakes. This way, you’ll be able to prevent an accident on the road. 

Steering wheel defect

Mostly, the steering wheel defect is because of manufacturing failure. Steering wheel failures are very dangerous as they can cause you to lose control of your car, even at a slow speed. Losing control over the vehicle can result in a severe accident like a head-on collision, crashing into a divider, etc. 

Defective tires


A low level of air pressure in your tire can cause your tire to burst while driving, and you’ll lose control of your car. This will result in sudden disbalance and accidents. Get your tyres checked frequently and at regular intervals, and replace your tyres after the KM limit is exhausted. 

Engine Malfunction

A very common side effect of buying an electric vehicle is facing engine malfunction. There have been reports of electric vehicle engines catching fire. In case you come across a situation where you think your car can burst into fire, escape your vehicle and stand away from it.

Where can you Seek Help for the Accident?


When you have met a car accident due manufacturing defect, an auto defect lawyer will help you to get compensation and justice. These lawyers are the main key to fighting these cases. 

Big multinational companies have a group of a lawyer who helps them to defend themselves against this accusation. Thus, fighting all by yourself or with any and every lawyer will not be a good idea. 

You need a skilful and aggressive auto defect lawyer who will help you to gain justice and fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. 

If you are still in a dilemma about whether you should hire an auto defect attorney or not, here are a few top reasons to hire one:

  • An auto accident lawyer is skilled with investigating skills, and they will do everything they have in their hands when it comes to investigating the case. 
  • As auto accident lawyers are dealing with legalities in the same field for a long time, they have a good network that will help you to gain positive results from the case. 
  • The auto defect accident cases need to negotiate with multi-million dollar companies. Any and every lawyer is not eligible or skilled enough to do so. An auto defect lawyer is habituated to dealing with cases of some sort, and they will do it with utter perfection. 
  • Few of these cases might go for litigation. Auto accident lawyers are aggressive when the time demands, and they will represent you skillfully in a court of law. 
  • With their experience, they will be able to tell you how fruitful it is to go fight harder and not depend on the complexity of the case. 
  • They have experience and will accuse the liable party and make sure you receive the correct amount of compensation. 

Ending Note 

When you hear about a car accident, you’ll assume it was because of the driver’s negligence or a car banging into another. But unfortunately, sometimes people are caught in an accident because of their car failure. No matter how safely you drive and follow all the safe driving techniques, you can get in trouble because of a mechanical problem. And this mechanical problem can result in severe accidents, and you may suffer injuries. So it is recommended you take your car to regular servicing and prevent such situations, which can be financially and emotionally stressful.

Furthermore, if you are already in a position where you have met an accident, an auto accident lawyer will help you to get the compensation that you deserve. They will fight for you and represent you in a court of law. For further detail, you can contact an auto defect accident lawyer.