How Many Times Can You Take a Dental Admission Test?


Becoming a dentist is one of the most challenging things out there. You need to go through schooling that can last for up to ten years, depending on the country. So, you will need to obtain a lot of knowledge and invest a lot of time into this process. It is quite challenging to fulfill all the obligations to become a dentist as you can see.

After the education is complete, every student needs to go through tests before entering dental school. We are talking about the dental admission test. If you need help passing this test, then make sure to visit this site where you can find DAT exam prem books. Based on the scores you get on one of these, you will be either admitted as a professional or rejected.

Naturally, it needs to be said that you can conduct this test more than once. Therefore, we want to provide you with an insight into all the relevant details of this procedure. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most important ones out there.

What is a Dental Admission Test?


We’ve mentioned that the dental admission test is the one you need to pass before you can enter dental school in the US and Canada. The test itself is conducted by the American Dental Association, usually known as ADA. However, it needs to be said that this is not the only thing you should pay attention to.

Besides the test, the applicant will need to go through other things such as admissions essays, coursework, and of course, a personal interview. The test is just one small aspect you will need to go through. As you can presume, all these elements are essential for you to be admitted into the school.

The admission board will evaluate the results and see whether you are a strong candidate or not. If yes, this will mark the beginning of your education in this field, and you need to arm yourself with patience since it’s going to be quite a long way to becoming a professional, even when the education ends.

How Many Times Can You Retake It?

If you fail the first time at this test, you have two more chances to do it. If you take a look at the rules, you will need to wait at least 90 days before you can retake the test. As you can presume, each new application comes with a fee you must pay. In most cases, you will see that the fee is around $360.

Those who have taken the test three times must apply for permission to be able to take it once again. Of course, applying for it after these three times, you will need to pay an additional fee before you can do so. Before taking it, you should be aware that this one is different from many other tests you can get over time.

The reason is that it is not a knowledge-based exam you have encountered in high school. Instead, we are talking about the one where the admission board will take a look at your academic prowess, and see how can your transcript be. DAT focuses on a variety of fields, such as critical thinking, reading comprehension, and problem-solving skills.

How Long is This Test?


The next thing you should understand is just how long this takes to complete. You should be focused enough to take the test which will last for up to more than five hours. The reason why it is this long is that it includes that tutorial at the beginning. If you choose not to, then the time will be one hour shorter.

The whole procedure is broken down into a couple of segments. We are talking about the segments like an optional tutorial, surveys of natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension, etc. Still, we want to point out that it is possible to take a break, which is definitely, not mandatory to take.

How is it Scored?

The score is between one and thirty. Each of these categories comes with a certain number of points. Naturally, you should go through each one of these categories and try to make the most of them. Try not to waste any time while you’re taking this test since you this will cost you a lot.

The admission board will take a look at your score and see whether you qualify for being accepted into a certain school. Therefore, you should try to commit as much as your time and understand how this is scored. When you understand the scoring, then you will have no problem comprehending whether you have done well or badly.

What are the Benefits?


Naturally, the most important benefit of DAT is that you can take it more than once. If your score was 19 or higher, then you will be able to enter a vast majority of quality dental schools. It is not uncommon for people to have a bad day, and it is a great thing for them to be able to have another attempt.

However, you should be aware that there is a possibility for some of the schools to not see it positively if it took you a lot of time before you passed the test. Thankfully, there is a lot of material you can go through when it comes to this subject, you will have more than enough time to prepare for the test itself.

You should understand that not all the tests out there are the same, you should be aware of the fact that this is not true. Instead, you will find that some tests out there have higher scores. Why is this a benefit? Well, the reason is that you shall be able to learn about the requirements before you can take the test.


As you can see, taking the DAT is not a simple thing to do. Also, you can see that you can do it three times before you need to apply for a new opportunity to do so.