How to Enroll in a US University Using the Example of Arizona State University


Any foreign student, a graduate of a school or university can enter an American university and get higher education in the United States. American universities offer foreigners different ways of entering bachelor’s and master’s programs, from preparatory programs to direct enrollment. We decided to show which direction is better to choose, and what ways of admission to American universities exist, using the example of one of our partners, Arizona State University. Regardless of the university choice, students often benefit from getting academic writing help, for that they can visit

Arizona State University is a large state university, which was founded in 1885 and is now included in the 100 prestigious universities of America according to the rating of US News & World Report. The educational institution is recognized as the best in the field of logistics, management, marketing, business, computer science, engineering.

It is difficult for foreign students to enroll in ASU University since the university has high requirements for applicants. The admission committee always pays attention to such factors: the average score on the certificate, the level of English, and the results of standardized tests. But, despite the high requirements, the university also offers students a wide range of preparatory programs, the purpose of which is to help foreign students improve their average score after school or university, or learn English.

How to enroll in the American University ASU?

There are three main ways of admission to Arizona State University for international students:
– Direct Entry – direct admission to bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs
– International Pathway – preparatory programs for international students
– English Program – language learning programs for students with a low level of English

Direct Entry


Admission to the first year of bachelor’s or master’s programs without an additional year of training.

Condition: meet the requirements of the program
Advantage: training from the 1st year with American students.

Entrance requirements of the Bachelor’s degree program:

* Minimum age of students: 17+
• Certificate of secondary education
* Average score on the certificate: GPA 3.0
• TOEFL 61

Please note that the requirements depend on the program you are planning to enroll in. For example, to enroll in the Bachelor of Science program of the W. P. Carey School of Business faculty, the average score on the certificate must correspond to a GPA of 3.6, and the minimum SAT score is 1230. Or the minimum level of English for engineering programs is IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 79.

It is worth recalling that if you have already one or two years of study at a university in your home country, you do not need to re-enroll in the first year of the bachelor’s program at ASU. The University can recalculate your credits and enroll you as a Transfer Student or Transfer Student.

Entrance requirements for Transfer Student
* GPA 2.5 (370 for Carey School of Business, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering)
• The number of credits on the bachelor’s program of the University from 24 to 64
• TOEFL 61 / IELTS 6.0

Entrance requirements of Master’s degree programs:

* Bachelor’s degree from the home University
• GPA 3.0 (some faculties require a GPA of 3.6)
• TOEFL 80 / IELTS 6.5
• GRE/GMAT required

Pathway-preparatory programs


Arizona State University offers training programs to international students whose academic level and English level are below the entrance requirements. The preparatory programs of the educational institution are part of the bachelor’s program. This means that you are entering the first year of the ASU Bachelor’s degree, and you will pass the first year of study with other international students, and the program of your course will necessarily include additional classes in English and academic preparation. Since the second year, students are already studying with children from all over the stream.

Even though the preparatory program requires a lower average score, it still can not be lower than a GPA of 2.5.

Minimum entrance requirements for training programs:
* Minimum age of students: 17+
• Certificate of secondary education
* Average score on the certificate: GPA 2.5
• TOEFL 55 /IELTS 5.5
* SAT/ACT – not required

The duration of the training program at Arizona State University is 3 semesters. During the period of study, a student gains up to 26 credits under the bachelor’s degree program, which corresponds to the number of credits of 1 year of study. The Bachelor’s degree program at US universities consists of 120 credits.

What is the difference?


The main difference between direct admission and admission to the university through training programs is additional subjects in English and academic skills, which in turn may slightly affect the cost of training.

Does the ASU training program affect the duration of undergraduate studies?

The preparatory program does not affect the duration of study in the bachelor’s program. For 3 semesters, you get up to 26 credits, which are included in the bachelor’s course. It turns out that to get a Bachelor’s degree, you will need to collect another 94 credits over the next years of study.

What is the advantage of the preparatory program?

Many students and parents think that the preparatory program lowers the level of the university or the training itself. This is not the case. For admission to the preparatory course, you still need to provide a fairly high GPA. In addition, you will receive additional support from the international office, this support is not received by students who enrolled immediately for the first year.

International English Program


This is one more type of admission to ASU University for those students whose English level is low. This path will allow you to complete additional training and in some cases even avoid difficult IELTS/TOEFL exams. When you enroll in a language training program, you immediately enroll in a bachelor’s, master’s, or preparatory course program that interests you.

The duration of one module is 8 weeks

Depending on your level, the university recommends the number of modules that you need to take to achieve the entrance requirements in English.

Which program is better to choose?

To correctly choose a program of study at Arizona State University, you first need to evaluate your chances of admission. After evaluating your success and other data, we recommend a training program.

When is it better to apply for admission?

Studying at the University of Arizona begins 2 times a year, we recommend submitting documents at least 6-9 months before the start of training.