A Guide to Buying and Selling Dental Gold

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Losing your tooth is an awful experience that you’ll do anything to solve. Solving the issue requires dental crowns such as gold in the dental industry. That means you can sell or purchase dental gold in the market and make extra cash. However, you’ll need to be conversant with everything there is to know about selling and buying dental gold.

Here is a guide to buying and selling dental gold.

What is Dental Gold?

Dental gold is a precious gold alloy that your dentist uses for bridges, teeth caps, and filling. Also, dentists use dental gold for aesthetics, giving you a tremendous and admirable smile and looks. If you want to buy or sell a dental gold crown, you will have to contact a legit seller and buyer, such as https://crowngoldexchange.com/what-we-buy/dental-gold/

Cost of Dental Gold

You can choose your dental crown depending on your preference or your dentist’s advice. And if you want something durable, strong, and aesthetic, you must consider dental gold. Determining the price of the crown. However, dental gold is unlike other regular gold, and it’s impossible to determine its worth. The weight of the dental gold and the material used is the basis of determining its value.

How to Sell Dental Gold

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The worth of dental gold is determined by weighing it, meaning you must eliminate the weight of your teeth. Therefore, you will have to remove the teeth from the cap or bridgework by smashing the tooth until it falls from the gold crown. Weigh down the dental gold pieces and record the total gold you have.

With such records, you can contact dental gold buyers. But remember, the buyer aims to make a profit and might buy from you at low prices. Therefore, consider the following factors when selling your dental gold.

1. Research Potential Buyers

Research and identify potential companies you can sell to at reasonable prices. Check the companies’ reviews, credentials, and ratings online before purchasing. An excellent dental gold buyer will have good BBB ratings and more experience. Also, you can consider a company with an established relationship with the national dental organizations.

2. Deal Directly With a Refiner

Although a local sale is quicker, you will get less from your dental gold. Therefore, only deal with the actual metal refiners directly when selling dental gold. That is because refiners will melt and essay dental scrap to determine the exact value of the product.

3. Get Estimates

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Present your dental gold to different sellers and get an estimate. Ensure that these buyers are legitimate and negotiate their estimates. That will give you an idea of how much your dental gold is worth in the market. Choose a seller offering the best deals.

4. Communicate Effectively With the Buyer

Ensure effctive communication during purchases. Read the contract before signing and have precise details of what to expect in return after selling your dental gold.

How to Buy Dental Gold

Although it’s rare, you might consider removing your gold fillings. That’s because it’s an expensive dental procedure of removing and filling in the space left. However, you might consider going through the process and presenting your dental gold to a buyer.

You will get numerous deals to buy dental gold, meaning it’s essential to consider various factors.

1. Cost

Buying dental gold is an expensive investment. Therefore, you must be sure about the price if you want to buy dental gold. That way, you’ll be able to plan your budget and get a reasonable price. You can achieve that by inquiring from different sellers and picking a seller with the best deal.

2. Involve a Dental Specialist

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Sometimes, you will have unrealistic choices and reasons for buying dental gold. That can make you purchase an incompatible dental gold crown or one that doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s therefore essential to seek professional dentist guidance and recommendation. That’s because dentists better understand current dental gold crowns to help you settle for a definitive decision.

3. Availability

When you search for dental gold, you will find various options in the market. However, some of the options are unavailable in the market or are more expensive due to scarcity. Therefore, ensure that your dental gold choice is available in your area while buying.

Benefits of Dental Gold

Dental gold crowns have various benefits, which include:

  1. Dental Gold is durable. Dental Gold is durable to withstand heavy wear on your teeth. Remember, teeth crowns are expensive, meaning you will want something that matches the expense in terms of durability. Unlike other teeth crowns, dental gold is long-lasting.
  2. Resistant to collusion. With dental gold crowns, you will be able to withstand heavy biting or chewing. You can eat your meal without fear of breaking the height.
  3. Physical compatibility. Dental gold is soft, just like your tooth enamel. That enables it to provide your opposing teeth with equal wear and causes no damage. Also, unlike other products, gold is the best biocompatible material to have in your mouth.
  4. Contour and effective on gums. Gold dental comes in the correct shape that fits appropriately to your tooth shape. The crowns will integrate with your teeth flawlessly for long-term restoration results.

Types of Dental Gold

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Dental gold is a type of metal that can be made using gold alloy or PFM that fuses gold and porcelain. That is because gold is soft a malleable when in pure form. For that reason, laboratories mix the gold with other metals, and you’ll find different types of dental gold crowns.

Here are the types of dental gold

  1. High noble alloy. High Noble alloy consists of a minimum of 60% noble metal such as gold or platinum and at least 40% gold.
  2. Noble alloy. Noble allow consist of a minimum of 25% precious metal
  3. Non-noble alloy. The non-noble alloy has less than 25% precious metal and has large percentages of base metals such as nickel and cobalt.

Final Thoughts

If you have dental gold that you have perhaps lying in your house, selling it will be a stable source of income. Also, if you want to buy dental gold, you will enjoy an easy process and acquire dental gold that’s worth your money. So, apply the guide during your next purchase.