Innovation Is the Soul of a Business – Here’s How To Tap Into It


To stay relevant in the market, business owners must constantly look for ways to innovate. Old solutions don’t last forever, which is why it is crucial to come up with new ideas that can bring great results in a competitive landscape. Innovating isn’t something revolutionary like inventing the computer – in fact, you’ve likely been innovative multiple times before without even realizing it.

Put simply, business innovation means introducing something new to an organization, whether it’s a market strategy, a product, or a brand-new method, to reinvigorate it and promote growth. According to experts, innovation is key to entrepreneurial success, resulting in increased efficiency. It involves taking risks and closing significant gaps within the company by identifying new opportunities, which ultimately sets you apart from competitors. Read on to learn how to encourage innovation in your team and turn knowledge into profit.

Prioritize collaboration, not competition


Friendly workplace competition has its benefits, as it encourages employees to get out of their comfort zones and excel, which ultimately helps them achieve the company’s goals. However, if you want to put innovation at the core of your business, competing may not be the best idea.

This is because, in a competitive environment, employees may not be willing to share their innovative ideas due to the fear that their co-workers will steal them. On the contrary, a collaborative environment translates into a culture of inclusion, where this fear doesn’t exist, allowing for the ideas to flow freely – and that’s where your next innovation may come from.

Don’t overwork employees

Innovation and creativity go hand in hand, but you can’t expect to have creativity while focusing on too many things at once. This is why you don’t want to overwork your team. If an employee has too much on their plate, they may not have the mental capacity to brainstorm ideas, as they are too focused on finishing their tasks on time. Obviously, when their creativity is blocked-off, innovation cannot exist.

Overwork doesn’t bring any benefits to your business; in fact, it’s quite the opposite, as it may result in unfulfilled and burned-out employees. Remember that an increased load of work doesn’t mean greater productivity, and aim to measure success not in terms of how many tasks are done, but rather how they are done.

Empower your team


You need to empower your employees to contribute at work if you want them to share creative ideas that benefit your business. To do so, consider using efficient tactics, such as gamification, as this helps promote employee loyalty and makes work processes more rewarding. That way, your team members will feel more connected to your company, which will in turn allow them to talk about their vision comfortably.

According to, another way to empower your employees is to hire an innovation keynote speaker who will deliver inspiration to your team. This kind of speaker knows how to create lasting impact, and they will bring their knowledge to your company, helping unlock your business’ full potential by teaching your employees – and you – how to adopt an innovative mindset.

Ask for customers’ input

Innovative ideas don’t only come from employees. Your customer base can also drive inspiration on how to innovate in your business. The truth is, no one knows better than your customers whether your products or services are effective or not. Plus, you can’t just assume you know what their needs are – or that they won’t change over time. So why not ask them directly instead?

For instance, you can conduct business surveys and ask for their input. Try to find out what your customers like about your products and what requires improvement. You never know which of their suggestions may inspire the next innovation in your business! This is a fantastic way to improve customers’ experience and drive growth organically.

Always look forward


If you want to ensure business longevity, it’s vital to always look forward and identify upcoming trends and technologies, as well as the changes in consumer behaviors and beliefs. Partner ecosystems, for example, are a burgeoning business model in which complementary businesses co-sell to give extra value to their customer. WorkSpan explains co-selling in its helpful guide.

Running a venture takes a lot of time and energy daily, so understandably, it can seem challenging to look too far ahead! But that’s the only way to prepare for challenging times, as well as the opportunities that may arise. It’s vital to pivot and innovate in your business – otherwise, you’ll inevitably be left behind.

Innovation vs creativity and brainstorming

While creativity is about coming up with new ideas, innovation is about taking those ideas and implementing them in a way that drives growth and success for your business. Brainstorming, on the other hand, is an efficient tool that helps generate ideas, but it is only the first step in the innovation process. To truly drive innovation, you must take action and thus, create real value for your customers and your business. Measurement is another way to understand the difference between creativity and innovation. Creativity can’t be measured, because it is a mental process. However, that’s not the case with innovation, as you can measure it by the number of services, products, or operational changes you make.

Innovation brings a plethora of benefits to your business


Embracing innovation can benefit your business in the long run in many ways:

  • It improves profitability. At some point in your business, you may feel stuck and not see any positive results. That’s where innovation can help increase productivity, thus making your business more profitable.
  • It boosts your brand value. By innovating, you improve brand recognition as you develop a unique selling point that differentiates you from other businesses in the market.
  • It improves your relationship with customers. Customers are at the forefront when it comes to the success of a business. If they are happy, you’re happy too, but if they aren’t satisfied, your business isn’t likely to grow. It is that simple. The more you innovate, the higher your chances are to build a loyal customer base.
  • It helps you solve problems. Problems arise constantly when running a business, and you must solve them effectively if you want to keep your venture functional and profitable. When you put innovation at the core of your company, you aren’t afraid to take risks and your problem-solving skills improve. In the long run, this helps you build resilience and achieve success.