Kick-Off Your Spring Cleaning With This Junk Removal


Yes, it’s finally that time of the year again! You can give your home a proper clean from top to bottom and let go of everything you don’t need any longer. However, who’s really looking for it? No one. It’s a boring task that requires lots of effort. But in the end, you’ll feel a strong sense of relief. In fact, the more clutter we accumulate and keep, the higher are our chances to feel mentally unwell. Studies have actually shown a connection between clutter and depressions. A collapsed escritoire isn’t making anyone happy. Knowing you have tons of clothes that don’t fit you anymore, doesn’t quite make you feel better either. Once you’ve organized, give a professional junk removal service a call, such as Jiffy Junk. They’re only one phone call away to haul away anything to let go.

Before You Start…


Make a plan and get organized. Starting a spring clean with junk removal will be a lot easier with a structured plan at hand. Create a list with all the rooms that need to be tackled. Note which areas in these rooms have to be sorted. Thus, your list could look like the following example:

  • Bedroom: closet, chest of drawers, storage under the bed
  • Kitchen: cabinets, pantry
  • Living room: bookshelves, media center, escritoire
  • Basement: the big shelf on the left, shelves on the right, trunk in the middle

Alternatively, you could create a list with categories to organize, such as clothes, magazines, appliances, bedding, and so on. You could use some highlighters to give similar areas in each room a color code. For example, the closet in the bedroom could be given the same color code as the shelf on the right in the basement (because it contains old clothes). Kitchen appliances in one particular cabinet could have the same color code as another shelf in the basement for similar items. Or color code categories for each room, such as clothes in the bedroom, attic. You know where you keep them.

One Step After Another

To keep up your motivation, it’s best to start small. Start with a small area to get a sense of accomplishment. Junk removal can appear rather daunting if there’s a lot to tackle. If you split it up into several small tasks, you can easily do it one step at a time.

Set aside a particular time frame every day. If you know that you’ll be free for an hour or two between appointments, you could sort out all the magazines. You won’t need them anymore. Of course, everyone likes to collect magazines because each contains an interesting article. But when was the last time you actually took out that magazine to read it again? Indeed, you never did. Just go through each room and grab everything that’s magazines and newspapers or brochures. You can bring it outside to the recycling bin immediately. Similarly, you can go about several other categories or color codes. Do one area on one day, another on the next.

Don’t Forget The Fun


Spring cleaning for major junk removal is in itself anything but fun. You can turn everything into a fun job though. Put on some smashing music you enjoy dancing to. Then you could combine music and decluttering your junk as follows: set yourself a timeframe during which you’ll be done with the area you chose. Let’s say you decided to declutter your bookshelves. Set a timer that more or less equals four or five songs. The less time you have to think about the junk you organize, the faster and easier your endeavor will be. Within this timeframe, you set yourself the goal to be done with it. Involve your children and give each one a trash bag. Who’s done first with his area gets to choose what’s for dinner. Or the winner could get some sweets as a prize.

Take Some Advice From The Pro’s

Decluttering will be a hell of a lot easier if you arrange three cardboard boxes each time you’re organizing an area. Put the stuff you want to trash into one of them. The stuff you can sell or donate into another and everything you keep into the third. Once the area is clear, give it a sweep with a natural cleaning product (such as vinegar and water). Put the stuff you want to keep back in and the trash outside. The donation/sale box you can put into another room that’s not as heavily cluttered. Although it will be better to put the donations into your trunk right away. Then you’ll have to bring it to a charity the next day. It’s important to keep an overview of your task.

Schedule The Junk Removal


You’re most likely going to let go of a lot of stuff during your spring clean. Set date from the beginning when you’d like to have all junk removed. With circling in date for your task you set yourself a deadline. You have to be done until the day has come. As long as there’s still some time left, you can donate and sell the items that are still in good shape. Try to sell your unwanted items first. If you can’t sell them, you can still offer them for donations. Each item you can’t get rid of via donations either you can add to the trash. Let the junk removal take care of it. Most junk removals see to it to have most of the items donated anyway. Therefore you don’t have to fuss around with it.

To make the spring clean even more effective, you could schedule several junk removals. Schedule one each time after you’re done with one category or room. If you only have one or two boxes that need to go, a junk removal may not yet be worth it. It totally depends on the amount you clear out for junk removal.