Lucifer Season 5 surrounded by several troubles. Will it see the light of the day?

Lucifer Season 5 (IMAGE: Instagram @lucifernetflix)

Lucifer Season 5 was expected to release on Netflix this summer, but nothing has been updated as of now. Here’s all the info we have about the show.

Lucifer was canceled by Fox last year after airing 3 seasons. Netflix revived it after the large scale demand of fans for the revival of their favorite show. At the beginning of 2019, initial seasons were added to Netflix. Season 4 premiered on May 8th, 2019, on Netflix exclusively.

The 4th season received an ample amount of love and critical approval. Reportedly, it broke the record of Game of Thrones! There’s undoubtedly something spectacular about the show.

Lucifer Season 4
(IMAGE: Instagram @lucifernetflix)

When will Lucifer Season 5 release?

The list of shows which are to be released in May doesn’t contain Lucifer Season 5. This suggests that we may not get to watch the fifth season very soon. However, if the makers decide otherwise, we may get to watch it in July 2024. But, the chances for that are scarce.

Has Lucifer Season 5 been canceled?

Fortunately, the answer is NO! The announcement about the renewal of the series was made on May 7th last year. Have a look at this Instagram post from the official account of Lucifer.


As much as the confirmation of another season delights us, the last word (final) in the caption of the above post is a little upsetting. However, some news about discussions between Netflix and Warner Bros. about the extension of the series beyond Season 5 also started surfacing. But, no official announcement about that has been made as yet.

Anyway, you can be assured about the fact that the 5th season will happen for sure.  But, it seems like it might face some delays as the production process is on hold right now. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic might add up to the trouble even more.

Expected cast

Without a doubt, the core cast of the show will be back for Lucifer Season 5. It includes Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia, and Kevin Alejandro.

A scene from Lucifer Season 4
(IMAGE: Pinterest)

Besides the existing cast members, the new additions to the cast include actors Matthew Bohrer, Brianne Davis, Erin Cummings, Chaley Rose, Dennis Haysbert, Catherine Dent, Annie Funke, Neil Gaiman, Allison McAtee among others.

Watch the cast coming together for a fantastic reunion here.

What to expect from Lucifer Season 5?

The final episode shows Lucifer and Chloe bidding a final goodbye to each other as the former returns home. Eve was also seen departing in the fourth season, but it doesn’t seem like the end of her part in the series. Eve goes away in search of herself so that she can be brought back in the next season.

Will Lucifer return? Will he find someone to replace as the ruler of the underworld? And, will one of his other siblings take over? These questions are making fans extremely eager for Lucifer Season 5.

Let’s hope that the production quickly resumes and we get all our questions answered.