Seven Deadly Sins: Season 4: When Is It Going to Release in July or October?

Seven-Deadly-Sins-Season-4 Credit--Netflix

Seven Deadly Sins is a series that makes a fan crazy. The franchise of the season is going so well from its beginning. This year, the season four of Seven Deadly Sins is going to be released. But this it won;t be as late as the last time for season 3.

On this page, you will find all your answers to queries and will know about the release date and its process. So scroll down and have the bold letters on your mind.

 Seven Deadly Sins: Season 4 (SPOILERS AHEAD)

The last scene of the season 3 ends when Meliodas killed Fraudrin and consumed meat and liquor. Thus, there is no doubt that the new season will bring fresh kicks. Here, we probably see a connection between Meliodas and Elizabeth.

A huge aggression can also be observed among Meliodas, and the group towards the Ten Commandments.No one is coward here. Everybody knows to deal with the situation. In the new season, we can also see Merlin’s past.

The stories and courageous explanation round it will turn the series more exciting. Here, one can unfold and explore so many dimensions. 



Release Date: 

The season 1, of the franchise released on Netflix. It went on air on 1st November 2015. Thus the season goes on successfully. Even the third season of the show came to an end correctly. As soon as it ends, the renewal of the fourth season has been made.

The date, March 24, 2024, was set up. The collection gets ready to launch in July 2024. However, the producers don’t disclose the exact date of Release. But the question comes, why are the producers not announcing the Release Date?

Though the official Netflix account has confirmed, that season 4 is going to launch in July. The title of season four is named as “The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods.” And the upcoming season is supposed to have 24 episodes on its own.

 It is assuming that there might be a delay in release due to the Worldwide Corona Pandemic. But much delay would it take, is not confirmed yet.


According to the latest reports, The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4  is going to release on Netflix on 15th October 2024. This delay is terming as some last minutes arrangement; however, until now, no official has confirmed it.

Trailer:  Season 4​

In Japan the season 4 is out. Thus, we certainly have the trailers of the season. When is it going to release in July or October? The answer is still unknown. As soon as the officials show the green signal, we are going to have all the answers to the questions. Until then, have the trailer.