Mayans MC Season 3: Release Date Updates Inside

Mayans MC Season 3 Feature
Mayans MC is up and running towards a third installment after a successful entry to TV.

Mayans MC is an Mexican-American crime-drama following complex characters riddled in crime. However, The series is a spinoff of the great Sons of Anarchy. Also, similar to SOA and most shows, Mayans starts off at an relatively slow pace where we get start getting into the characters. After that, the show picks up and escalates to a much more intense and captivating plot-points. It doesn’t rely too much towards to its brethren Sons of Anarchy.

However, the buzz in the media is all about what is to come for the show. A third instalment is reportedly on the horizon and fans cannot wait to watch the plot progress.

Mayans MC Season 3 Media
In times of correctness and softies, Mayans MC present a rock-solid picture.

Schedule and Status of the third Instalment for Mayans:-

It’s good news galore if you love the show, from the story as well as business standpoint. Partners and Platform are all happy to keep Mayans M.C. ride along for another set of 10-episodes with total confidence. And that’s obvious considering the overwhelmingly positive reactions from critics as well as the common viewers.

The show got a renewal just before the season finale for season three hit the screens. Nick Grad, the president of original content programming at FX Entertainment said this in an interview with Deadline :-

“We’re happy to continue telling the story of Mayans MC with our partners at Fox 21 and excited that Elgin James has earned the opportunity to become the shows’ showrunner.”

Since that, there is no communication from the official parties about the prospects of the season three. Also, due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that the production will gen into a further delay. Considering all this, projection might put the premiere date somewhere in the Early-2024 window at the earliest. Also, it’s important to remind people that the schedule was for a fall 2024 release.

Mayans MC Season 3 Media1
J.D Pardo and Claydon Cardenas are back leading the line as Ezekiel and Angel respectively.

The story so far and how are viewers perceiving it:-

Mayans M.C has the potential to be on the same level as Sons of Anarchy if writers keep developing characters and plot as they have. This series has action, adventure, in your face gangster scenes and all that not for the visuals, but for the story. For the fans jumping from SOA watching back story of the actors is also fascinating to see how far they have come to be starring in this series.

Unlike it’s predecessor, where the characters can’t shoot straight but shoots the side mirrors off while riding a bike, this new show is atleast trying to make the gun battles believable.

All in all this show has everything one can want to deliver a classic, and we can’t wait to feast our eyes on the many more instalments to come.

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