Away Season 2: Netflix Renewal Plans

Away Season 2

Away Season 2 Surprisingly, charming and optimistic, the sci-fi series Away has already become a favourite. This series charmed among plenty of subscribers on Netflix. Thanks to a fantastic first season, viewers are hopeful that Away will be returning for season two. Nothing has set in stone yet, but we’ve heard rumblings that Away will be returning. The AWAY is back for Season 2 on Netflix.

Away is a Netflix Original and loved Sci-Fi drama series directed by Andrew Hinderaker. And series inspired by an Esquire article, written by Chris Jones. American astronaut Emma Green tasked with leading a joint international effort to embark on a mission to Mars. The diverse cast of Atlas is prepared to sacrifice lives for the sake of the task. And even if that means leaving their loved ones behind on Earth for the mission.

Away Season 2
Away Season 2

Away season two Netflix renewal status

At the time of scripting, Netflix has not yet to officially renew Away for a new season. It’s not surprising considering the Sci-Fi drama only recently arrived on Netflix back. Rumours heard some that Away has already been renewed. And it’s still too early for Netflix to confirm this news. Early signs were that Away would be getting picked up for its new season can be credited to its popularity on Netflix nowadays. Series took only three days after its release for Away to take the TV series top spot on Netflix US.

Cast Saying About Away Season 2

The cast and crew members involved in the show’s production is eager to work again with each other. They seemed to have a good bonding and said we are so happy to do also.

Away Season 2
Away: Cast

In an interview given to RadioTimes by Ato Essandoh (who played the character of Kwesi) was so good. He said, ” I’m sure there are plans for a second season. And like there would be any time, and I would want to be a part of that.”

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