Over 1000 Patients May Have Been Exposed To HIV, Hepatitis And Other Dangerous Diseases


The hospital is currently facing a class-action suit for carelessness resulting in the endangerment of the lives.

“As with any patient security issue, we analyzed all facets around the episode,” Nafziger advised of Goshen Health’s response to the circumstance. “We’ve set strict policies and extra security measures in place to guarantee it doesn’t occur again. In addition, we wish to demonstrate our concern for every one of those patients.”

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Goshen Health as a result of the event.

Marketing manager for Goshen Health, a total of 1,182 surgical patients might have possibly been subjected as a Result of the sterilization problem, based on Shannon McNett-Silcox,

The hospital has said there is not any reason to presume that anybody who failed a surgical procedure before April 1 or after September 30 could be impacted by the sterilization issue.

The letter commented that laboratory results will be ready within 10 business days from the date of patients and testing will be informed of the results via telephone call and email.

“To rule out any possible vulnerability, fresh testing dates may be required dependent on the time of your process,” the letter included. “Our colleagues can offer you complete details and data.”