Brave Doctor Rescued A Man’s Life By Extracting Urine From His Bladder Mid-Flight To NYC


As soon as an old airplane passenger fell ill mid-flight on Tuesday, a courageous doctor climbed to the episode.
Dr. Zhang Hong rescued the guy’s life by spending 37 minutes of yanking urine out of his obstructed bladder with only a plastic tube and a vacant alcohol jar.

China Southern Airways Flight CZ3009 was way out of its takeoff stage in Guangzhou, China — and 6 hours out of the destination, New York — if a guy with a bloated tummy began sweating profusely roughly 1 a.m.

The cabin crew did an emergency announcement, inquiring if there was a physician on board. Dr. Hong immediately realized the difficulty — and its own hard-to-stomach alternative.

Hong requested the senior on-plane relatives seeing any previous medical issues.

That is when Hong diagnosed especially what was happening: The guy’s bladder was bloated with pee.

Fellow surgeon Xiao Zhanxiang immediately encouraged his colleague MacGyver that a catheter from a bit of plastic tube, the straw of a milk carton, sticky tape along with a syringe in the airplane’s medical kit.

But when Hong knew the syringe’s needle was too thin, he moved on to the significant but horrible backup plan: with his mouth to take out the urine.

With consent from the guy’s household, Hong used another 37 minutes yanking 800 milliliters (approximately 11/2 pints) of urine with his mouth, spitting it in a alcohol jar as he moved.

The epic act defended the guy’s life — but the doctor believes his actions simply logical.