Doctor Saved Passenger’s Life By Sucking Urine From His Bladder For 40 Minutes In Mid-Air!


A Chinese physician eliminated 800 ml of urine in the obstructed bladder of an older man as a mid-flight emergency.

A Chinese physician needed to consider his feet as soon as a traveler on his flight failed a medical crisis.

Zhang Hong, a physician and skilled surgeon in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University in Guangzhou, rescued an older person’s life by sucking pee from the traveller’s blocked bladder via a health crisis, South China Morning Post reported Thursday, citing references.

The physician, who had been traveling from Guangzhou into New York on China Southern Airlines Flight 399, was six hours away from his destination after he drifted to action.

The ill passenger had been sweating and had a bloated belly, Zhang told. The guy’s family had notified the cabin crew that the traveller was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, which Zhang believed was causing a congestion, according to China News.

“He was moving into injury and might have endured a threat to his own life if we did not tend to him immediately,” the doctor had been quoted as saying.

Flight attendants put up sheets around the ground in a place to the rear of the airplane for the traveller.

However, the needle onto the apparatus was too small to empty the urine.

“It had been an urgency scenario. I could not figure out another manner,” Zhang was quoted as saying.

As stated by the South China Morning Post, the traveler had been advised to put down for a additional half an hour after the process. He was allegedly observed by another doctor upon landing.