Pokemon Journeys Part 2 | When Will It Be Released? Know The Cast and Other Important Details


In this article, all the details regarding the release date, cast, and every other update related to Pokemon Journeys Part 2 will be discussed. The Japanese animation series gained a good momentum around the globe when its first season was released way back in 1996. From the Past 20 years, the Pokemon Company has released several cartoons and animation films, and it holds a huge fan base.

Pokemon Journeys
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People who are active on social media must have crossed the paths with the information floating on the social media platform containing the rumors and speculations related to the part two of the pokemon journeys.

To bring out the nostalgia back from the audience, the Pokemon franchise has decided to launch the second part of the animation series. You must be as excited as all the fans of Pokemon are right now.

When will Pokemon Journeys Part 2 release?

Any official announcement regarding the update of the release of the Pokemon Journeys Part 2 has not been revealed yet. However, if the rumors are to be believed, then the second part of the series should release towards the end of this year.

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As of now, any official information regarding the voice cast of Pokemon Journeys Part 2 has not been revealed. However, there are expectations that the previous voice cast will be giving their voices to their previous respective roles again.

To maintain the continuity, it is expected that everyone should be aware of the fact that the cast is very less likely to be changed. The development will tend to be retaining the original voice cast for the second part too.

If there is any change or update in the cast information, you’ll get updated on this site, don’t worry.

Pokemon Journeys
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Below are the cast that gave their voices in Pokemon Journeys:-

  • Rika Matsumoto
  • Lee Seon-ho
  • Song Harim
  • Zeno Robinson
  • Kana Hanazawa
  • Yoon Eunseo
  • Cherami Leigh
  • Sarah Natochenny
  • Daiki Yamashita