6 Ways to Prepare Before Taking an IQ Test in 2024

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We have all taken some IQ tests at some point in our lives, regardless of whether it was just for fun or to actually get a result over how great our logic and reasoning are. Now, the thing that often confuses people is that they believe that the better the score you have, the smarter you are, which, even though it’s true, there are plenty of types of intelligence.

All of this leads us to the main question – whether you can improve your score by practicing and how to prepare for taking one. That is why we will further discuss this issue and try to help you with this problem.

1. Practice Makes It Perfect

The logic is simple, and the more you practice, the more familiar you will get with the base of questions. It is not cheating, far from it, as the questions on the IQ test are more about logic than anything else, which is why there isn’t a way to cheat.

On the other hand, one can get familiar with how questions are formed, which means that they will get a much better insight into how the test actually works by practicing.

Now, the main goal here is to find the right type of test, as practicing and doing tests that are not actually qualified to make genuine judgments over your IQ will lead you nowhere.

That is why finding the right and the approved test is of vast importance. Now, since there are lots of them you can find online, doing so might be pretty challenging, but doing proper research before you start taking one should do the trick.

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Understandably, if you don’t have enough time to do so, you can get a reliable and trustworthy IQ test from iq-online-test.com and you will receive a certified certificate with your IQ score after completing the test.

2. You Can Learn from Games Too

Now, this is not about playing games that provide just pure fun. It is more about playing those games that will improve your mental skills.

Just like there are a ton of games that are just about having a great time playing them, there are also plenty of games that you can learn from, and that is why playing them can be of huge help. Namely, challenging the memory can only benefit your cognitive skills, which, in the end, can lead to a much better IQ score.

In essence, reasoning is the thing that’s measured with the IQ test, and playing these games can help you achieve the best possible results.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that one will get a much better score than they are actually qualified for, which is why the IQ test is probably the best way to determine not how smart some person is but how great reasoning they have.

Overall, looking at everything from every possible angle is what matters the most, as only then can we get a much better perspective on certain situations and problems. By doing so, solving any possible issue that might come our way gets much easier, even though it can take a bit more time to do so.

3. Learn New Skills

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Our brains love to be active and become sharper when we keep them busy, which is why learning some new skills can be the best way to prepare for the upcoming IQ test and get the knowledge that can be useful even after the test.

Although many people do not see the relationship between learning a new language, for example, and results on the IQ test, it is pure chemistry, as our brains create new neurons because of dopamine increase while we learn some new activity, and new neurons are of the vast importance for learning and retention.

Regarding that, you can learn a new language or how to play some instrument, since music lessons can increase the score because they require mental activity, enjoy having a great time and boost your IQ at the same time.

4. Reading

Whenever we decide to read some book, it can easily take us to a completely new world because it stimulates our imagination and helps us escape the real world for at least a while.

It is great for our mental health and can be one of the best ways to relax and enjoy, but besides that, reading helps us to focus, which is important for the test as most questions contain a lot of written instructions.

We should be able to understand them properly, and reading different books can help us enrich our vocabulary, so we will need far less time to understand what we should do.

5. Sleep Is Crucial

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We are all aware of how important it is to have a good night’s sleep and how beneficial it is for our physical and mental health. The lack of sleep can cause severe health issues, and when it comes to our mental health, it can cause depression and make us feel unfocused and unable to perform some simple activities.

Because of that, sleeping at least eight hours before the test is the best way to relax and go there completely focused, as it is necessary if you want to do your best and get real results. Try to turn off all sources of light, including a TV and mobile phone, avoid eating at least two hours before bedtime, and relax in the hot tub before sleeping.

6. Avoid Tight Clothes

One of the most important things on the test day can be the clothes and jewelry we decide to wear because if the clothes are too tight and the jewelry is too big, it can make us feel uncomfortable and distract us from our main goal, which should be to finish the test.

Hanging jewelry can be a big distraction as you can start playing with it unconsciously and forget to focus on the questions. Instead of that, it is the best idea to choose something comfortable and avoid wearing any jewelry that can distract you and make your final results lower than they really are.