Rise Of Online Gambling In Canada

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Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is a beautiful country surrounded by numerous scenic views and attractions that lure tourists across the globe. But aside from being a popular spot for tourists, this North American country is one of the top countries that indulge in gambling activities the most. Back in 2024, a survey saw Canada listed as the top online betting country when it comes to Freedom in Gambling, with over 75% of its population indulging in all kinds of gambling activities. The Canucks don’t just play the game blindly, they also take advantage of the major offers from online casinos like the free demo slots, free spins and many more. Gambling is a recreational activity across the world, and Canadians just love the activity a little bit more than others.

The rise of the online casinos, like casinoscout.ca, in Canada has been tremendous over the years, and several factors acted as a catalyst to pivot its success to the peak of what it is today. In this article, we will be talking about the factors that contributed to the growth of the online casino industry in Canada.

Accessibility & Internet Connectivity

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Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) revealed that a good internet speed measure for Canadians is broadband with download speeds of a minimum of 50mbs and upload speed of 10mbs. This is because many Canadians work from home, which makes internet access widespread. The government are also planning on providing stable access to the internet by enhancing the Latency Levels as well as the Data Cap.

With the advent of 5G networks, internet speeds were able to reach a new height as it offers fast speeds while connecting everyone to everything they want. With the 5G network, you can easily send large data without interruptions or slow upload or download. The availability of stable and fast internet connections heightens the experience and environment of online casinos. Canadians across the country can easily log into the online casino sites in Canada to play their favourite game at any time or day. The availability and accessibility of online casinos are one of the most popular advantages it has over land-based casinos.

Relaxed Gambling Laws In The Country

Canada could say to have one of the most diverse laws and regulations when it comes to gambling within its borders. The Canucks have increased gambling opportunities and few laws to adhere to when playing online casino games. You can even use these online platforms to generate money, however, you will need to classify your activity as “Recreational”, not as employment. The Canadian government recognizes online gambling as a recreational activity, which also means that taxes won’t be incurred from the players’ winnings in most Canadian provinces, unlike in other countries.

In the 1970s, the gambling laws and regulations in Canada were quite dynamic as they gave casinos a chance to plead their case for receiving government approvals and licenses. Over the years, the gambling laws in Canada were updated several times as online gambling sites and live casinos were being introduced to the world. This made the gambling laws in Canada being relaxed than in many other countries across the world.

Use of Smart Devices

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Mobile phone functions went from being a means to call your loved ones to become so much more since it was introduced to the world. Now, you’ll almost find every human carrying their smart devices everywhere with them, as they can be used to take pictures, write, call, and play casino games. A survey showed that over 90% of the Canadian population own and use smart devices in their homes and workplaces. Smart devices were the result of continuous technological advancements and evolution over the years, and Canada doesn’t lag when it comes to the implementation of technologies. So you can be sure that most Canadian have equipped their homes with a smartphone, smartwatch, and other smart home appliances needed in a household.

The increased use of smart devices in Canada has also enhanced the popularity of online gambling in the country. Most online casino platforms have already optimised their websites and applications to make them more appealing and accessible to mobile devices. With smart devices being mobile and efficient, they can be used to play online casino games at any time and anywhere you are located in the world. The availability of online casinos for smart devices played an important role in pivoting the popularity of the industry to a new height.

Increase In Variety Of Games

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A luxurious land-based casino without casino games is just a resort for tourists and travellers. The reason people love going to casinos is to play casino games, however, using the same product or service every time you visit can be quite frustrating and tiresome after using it for a while. This is where the land-based casinos are limited while the online casinos gained an upper hand in the business. Online casinos host a different variety of casino games on the platforms. Like online slots, which are considered the easiest casino game to play, there are thousands of online slots available in different categories, and their features always vary from its jackpots to the reels. Most online casinos offer additional games like lotteries, traditional card games, or Classics.

With the online casino industry’s evolution came the emergence of live casinos which offers live dealer games. This type of casino game helps the players feel like they’re playing at a physical casino as it offers an almost life-like experience to its players. The players from Canada have been loving it ever since its introduction, as they can be pitched against real-time opponents in other areas of the world.

The Emergence of Mobile Casinos

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According to Statista, mobile phone users in Canada are expected to see a rise from 29 million (recorded in 2018) to 33 million by 2024. The rise in mobile phone users increased the demand for mobile-based online casinos not only in Canada but also across the world. Due to this, many reputable online casino platforms have been optimizing their websites for mobile devices while also developing mobile-based applications. Just as it is in their platforms, the casinos also offer bonuses, promotions and other benefits that match the desktop versions of their mobile-based apps.

With technology evolving, Canadians are used to having their phones do everything, from making payments to shopping online, placing wagers, and playing casino games. Many activities can be performed using a smartphone these days, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that many online casino platforms are veering towards the area.