Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need To Know


Rising of The Shield Hero is a light publication by Aneko Yusagi with its origin in Japan. Initially, the release was only limited to a website called Shosetsuka ni Naro. It was printed as an Internet Novel on it, But later, the publication gained viewers and got viral.

The internet publication turned into a series and from that to an Anime, and that success made the founders plan for the second season.

The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2

Release Date

As of now, we do not have any official announcement regarding the release of the second season form the founders. However, the second part of the Anime is expected to release in early 2024.

The announcement was already made at Crunchyroll Expo in late 2019. Due to the high popularity of the first season, the makers, on their Twitter handle, declared two additional seasons.


The original cast will not be replaced, which means, we’ll be seeing Naofumi, Filo and Rapthalia reprising their functions. However, there is a possibility of introducing new friends and enemies in the upcoming seasons.


In the first part, we came to know about a teenager whose name was Naofumi Lwatani. He was a Cardinal Hero of the Earth sent out to fight with the alien species with three other teenagers, with each one of them having their signature weapons.

Naofumi and another teenager

As far as the story of the second part is concerned, it is expected to take pace from quantity 12 because the original publication has 25 volumes. The story will be continuing from the last season, that’s all we can figure out till now.

Producer of the Anime, Junichiro Tamura said, Rapthalia being his favourite character will be safe from threats. During the trip, characters may leave, which will break the hearts of most fans, but eventually it will only help. Moreover, there will be more vigorous opponents than before.