Season 2 of Rising of The Shield Hero is Confirmed!

Rising of The Shield Hero
It's time for celebration for the fans of Rising of The Shield Hero as the renewal goes official.

It is a time of celebration for Rising of The Shield Hero fans. The Dark Fantasy anime debuted in 2019 and has since shown a great deal of promise. However, it isn’t just another exciting series. This show seems to have attracted a massive fanbase and a passionate vocal bunch too.

Aneko Yusagi has created the universe of this anime. The storyline is unique and enjoys a diverse age groups attracted towards the plot. The inaugural instalment received praise from basically everyone. The critics and audiences have cheered on for the series and possible subsequential instalment.

The good news is that Officials have broken silence over the renewal of this show. Also, fans will inevitably be thrilled to hear that news.

Rising of The Shield Hero
Rising of The Shield Hero season two is on the horizon, and we’re all looking towards it.

Rising of The Shield Hero season two is confirmed!

YES. YES YES. The rumours are accurate, and the confirmations have come in. Not only has the show been granted green lights for a second season, but also a third.

Season two is scheduled to be released in late 2023. However, there is a possibility of the date to be pushed back after the global pandemic caused hindrance in work.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Tweet
The official twitter handle of the show confirmed that season two and three are already in pre-production.

Why has the series created such a buzz?

This show excels in the fantasy setting. It’s both fun, lighthearted and cheery, as well as dark, brooding and intense after Berserk, been searching for a replacement fantasy anime series for the past ten years.

Without going into detail, the show is not the typical “Isekai,” or at least it has much more depth than they seem to, and hero’s are not always welcomed equally.

It’s not perfect, and some of the sub-plots don’t resolve in a way I find satisfying, however in a way that makes me like it more, because I can understand how that outcome was reached. Watchers need to know that the show flirts with or straight out works in story points some could find surprising or offensive, however, I’d suggest muscling through because it’s well done and worth the watch.

The animation is of a high quality, and the characters are suitably distinctive. Overall the show is one to recommend this to fans of the genre. Although, I’d caution that specific themes may bother some viewers.

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