Share Netflix account: This unexpected innovation awaits you

If you want to share Netflix, you can expect a small change to your Netflix subscription.
Share Netflix account: This unexpected innovation awaits you
If you are used to sharing your Netflix subscription, you can expect an unexpected innovation that the streaming service has now introduced.Anyone who has a Netflix subscription can expect a surprising change from now on. The streaming provider has introduced something that has a strong impact on all users who want to share their Netflix.

Share Netflix: This could come up to you and your Netflix subscription

Netflix has started rolling out a new feature. For those who share their Netflix but don’t want to be influenced by their Netflix recommendations, there are now PIN codes for the individual profiles of your Netflix subscription.

The feature has already been introduced in the USA and is also available for German customers. These are four-digit number codes with which users can lock and unlock their own profile within the Netflix subscription. This can prevent Netflix sharing from receiving different Netflix recommendations than usual.

This is how you can find the feature for your Netflix subscription

Netflix Profile Security Pin
Netflix Profile Security Pin

So far, the useful function for Netflix sharing is only available via the browser and is not yet part of the Netflix app. You can find it when you log into your Netflix subscription and go to your account:

  • Profiles and parental controls> select your profile and then profile lock> change

Here you must first enter the password for your Netflix account in order to verify yourself. You can then set a four-digit number combination that will help you continue to share Netflix, but will now have no effect on your Netflix recommendations.

If you want to make your Netflix recommendations yourself, you can do it with a few tricks. Incidentally, Netflix is ​​working on artificial intelligence that will track you down if you share your Netflix.