9 Signs Your Gutters Are Blocked and Need Professional Help

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Damaged or clogged gutters are one of the things you want to avoid, as they will do serious damage to your property, they pose a health hazard, and in time, the damage will be irreparable and you will have to spend thousands of dollars to replace them. To prevent this, you need to clean them, and here we are going to list some of the signs that your gutters are blocked and need professional help. Keep on reading to find out more about these signs, how they pose a threat, and what you can do to avoid this.

1. There are plants growing from your gutters

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One of the first signs that you need to clean your gutters is if you can notice plants growing on them. Yes, leaves and branches are relatively normal to see in these units, but if you can see a mushroom growing or other types of plants that are visibly fresh and are in the process of developing, you need to take care of your drain.

2. You can notice molding

During the fall season, there are going to be a lot of leaves stuck in these units. If you don’t do anything about that debris, in time, especially after the first rain, the leaves will start rotting, and in time mold and mildew will appear.

You don’t want to let this happen, and if you can notice this happening, you have to call the professional service to help you out. Note that mold is extremely dangerous, so you should not risk doing things on your own.

3. You can see pests and insects

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Seeing an ant or a lizard here or there is completely normal, and this is always going to happen, but if you can notice a lot of bugs and even pests there, you have to call the professionals. The clogged drains are the perfect place for possums, mice, snakes, and a lot of different types of bugs to nest, so you don’t want this to happen, and you don’t want to risk the safety and security of your loved ones.

4. There is a strong stench

As the leaves rot, and if there are pest nests in your draining system, there is going to be a strong stench that will make living in your home impossible. You will feel the harsh smell every time you are in your garden, and with time, that scent will be noticeable in your home as well. You have to get this fixed as soon as possible, and you need to react even if you can notice the slightest smell that something is not right.

5. The paint is peeling

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Another sign that it’s due time to get your drains cleaned is if you can see the paint peeling. Even though this happens with time, and it is completely normal, if you can see that the paint suddenly started peeling a lot, especially in some specific places, you have to call a service.

On websites like gutterspecialists.co.uk, you can see that the professionals can help you with accessing the damage, getting the gutters cleaned, and they will give you their opinion on what you should do and if you should replace the whole system.

6. You can notice rust

In some cases, the paint will stay intact for a long time, especially if you’ve used high-quality products, but you may start noticing rust, especially near the ends of the drain and in the creases where the units are welded together. This happens when there is mold; when there is water trapped in the system, and when the leaves are rotting. Remember that rust can easily cut you and be a serious health hazard, so don’t risk cleaning it on your own without the proper equipment and tools.

7. The water is dripping or overflowing

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During the rainy season, the drains need to do their job, which means they need to collect the water that falls on your roof and transport it to a certain place. When they are clogged, you will be able to notice that there are drops coming out of everywhere, and this may also mean that the unit is damaged. In addition to this, the water may start overflowing which could lead to permanent damage to your home.

8. There is visible damage

Another huge sign that your draining system is blocked and you need to clean it right away is if you can see visible damage on the gutters. Sometimes, there can be debris that is too sharp or heavy for your unit, it will cause damage and you can see holes that let the water leak from everywhere. In some cases, you will be able to get this fixed with ease, but depending on the damage, you may also need to fully replace the system. Know that the longer the debris stays there, the bigger damage it is going to cause.

9. You can notice that they are bent

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The last thing we are going to talk about is sagging, and this happens pretty often when the system is not properly maintained and when there are too many things stuck in it. When the drain is blocked, the leaves, the water, and all the other debris is going to stay trapped there, and with time, it is going to start weighing a lot. This will cause the units to start bending, and if you don’t address these issues, they may even break and cause harm to your household, or someone living there.

As you can see, there are a lot of signs that your draining system is blocked, and the sooner you act, the least damage there is going to be. Know that a professional service can help you out no matter if there are huge parts of debris that you cannot remove, if there are animal carcasses stuck there, or if there are branches that prevent the debris from flowing down. You should not risk doing these things on your own, because, chances are, you don’t have the proper safety equipment, you don’t know what you should do or how, and you will risk injuring yourself, or doing permanent damage to your system.