SSSS Gridman Season 2: When will the second season hit our television screens?

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One of the most popular Japanese Mecha anime during the 90s, SSSS Gridman is still everyone’s favorite. Here’s all we know about SSSS Gridman Season 2.

It is a TV series adaptation of Denkou Choujin Gridman, a 1993 tokusatsu series. In the Anime expo 2017, Studio trigger announced that an animation adaptation would be made. The series premiered on October 7, 2018, and concluded on the 23rd of December.

SSSS Gridman 2 release date and trailer

The first season consists of 12 episodes and received an outstanding reaction. Critics also appreciated the series a lot. However, no announcement about season 2 of SSSS Gridman has been made.

No-one has been able to figure out why the creators haven’t considered the idea of making the second season. So, the series might be renewed after a few years. Presently, we don’t see any signs of renewal.

SSSS Gridman plot

The season one covers the story of a boy Yūta. The high school student Yūta suffers from amnesia. Consequently, he forgets everything about himself and all the past memories. Later, he comes across a mysterious robot behind the screen of a computer.

He lives in an imaginary city. The city gets surrounded by a scary kind of fog, and monsters start emerging. The Robot Gridman makes a mission of battling the monsters, and Yūta fights them. Also, he creates a group with his batchmates to fight all the monsters.

“SSSS” in the title that stands for “Special Signature to Save a Soul,” which was revealed in the final episode of the series. If SSSS Gridman season 2 is made, we can expect an exploration of the origin of these monsters. We might witness Yūta’s new adventures and discoveries in the imaginary world.

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Main characters

The most notable characters in SSSS Gridman are-

  • Yūta Hibiki- a young boy is suffering from amnesia who wakes up near Rikka’s house.
  • Gridman- A Hyper Agent who lives in an old PC.
  • Shō Utsumi- Yūta’s classmate and the one who creates The Gridman Alliance.
  • Rikka Takarada- The only female member of The Gridman Alliance and Yūta’s classmate who found him in front of her house.

Other characters of SSSS Grindman include Alexis Kerib, Samurai Calibur, Max, Borr, and Akane Shinjo, among others.


Will there be no sequel for SSSS Gridman?

Well, the answer to this question would be a “No,” at least for some time. However, the makers might give it a shot some years later. Let’s hope this happens soon!