6 Technologies That Have Changed Gaming

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According to reports, the first video game was invented in the 1950s. To say that this industry has gone a long way since then is an understatement. After all, the gaming industry is usually the first one that adopts new pieces of technology. It is why nowadays, players can choose between thousands of titles and numerous platforms.

Many people don’t actually understand the role technology plays in the gaming world. They know that it keeps advancing, but some don’t really understand how. Well, here are some technologies that have had a significant impact on this industry.

1. 3D Graphics

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We have to begin the article by discussing 3D technology. This one has become a natural occurrence since there is no title that doesn’t include it. If you think about the games you used to play as a child, you have to admit that they were pretty dull. Even though the plots were appealing, the overall design was pretty straightforward.

Well, nowadays, things are completely different. Not only do we have a chance to enjoy 3D versions of popular titles, but the graphics are astonishing. It provides designers more freedom when working on a new game since 3D technology offers limitless options. You have to admit that this technology has had the greatest impact, and when compared to the ones we will discuss further on, it has created an entirely new gaming world.

2. Artificial Intelligence

We can say that AI is new since it has been a part of the gaming industry from the very beginning, but we can say that its development dictated changes in the gaming world. Do you remember how back in the early 2000s, we used to play all sorts of titles and card games that required two participants, but we were able to enjoy it alone? We used to play against “the computer.” Yes, that is an example of AI.

However, this technology has significantly developed, and so has the gaming industry. It is not so much about competing with a computer, but instead, AI can mimic another person’s strategy. The first-person shooter titles. These are multiplayer games, but nowadays, you get a feeling as if you are playing with someone else. Why? Well, because there are no set scenarios of how your quest is going to develop. Instead, AI will surprise you and keep you on the edge of your set because you can never know for sure what will happen.

3. Virtual Reality

Unlike the previous one, VR is a new technology, and it has greatly increased people’s experience. If you own the latest gadgets, you won’t feel as if you are playing it from your living, but instead, if you are actually inside the game. You have to admit that this is really cool.

VR is not only about the graphics, even though these have also come a long way. You cannot really experience and enjoy the virtual world without sound effects. When it comes to these, most people choose a top-notch headset, which can work just fine. However, there are also gadgets that will take this adventure to an entirely new level. One of these is the Woojer Vest Edge, and you can watch the full review below.

4. Augmented Reality

Even though VR has made a boom in the gaming world and is becoming more accessible, we have to say that AR is even better. The main difference between these two is that you need to own and install gadgets in your home to enjoy VR, and this is not the case with AR. As you probably know, AR games can be played on various devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and in most cases, you don’t need any additional accessories. AR technology doesn’t create a completely new environment according to the game, but instead, it transforms your current surroundings into a playing field. Do you remember Pokémon GO? People used to go around the city, looking for Pokémons with their smartphones and GPS feature enabled. It was all they needed to have fun.

5. Online gaming

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Today, you cannot find a single game that cannot be played online. This is true for all of them, regardless of the genre. In the past, you would have to go to a friend’s house, wait for everyone to arrive, and only then could you enjoy a multiplayer game. Well, this isn’t the case anymore. Now, all you need is a platform or a device and an Internet connection. This technology hasn’t only boosted people’s comfort because they don’t have to leave the house, but it has also increased the number of gamers you can compete with. We are not only talking about your friends and people you know. You can actually play with anyone. It doesn’t matter if they live in your city or country or on the other side of the world. In addition, as already stated, you can choose between myriad of titles, meaning that the world of online gaming with all you keep you entertained.

6. Mobile gaming

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We cannot discuss the technologies that developed the gaming world without mentioning portable systems. We already gave an example of Pokémon GO as one of the titles people can enjoy on smartphones. Well, this is not all. Nowadays, there are several accessories you can use for this purpose besides smartphones and tablets. Surely, you know you can play a game on a smartwatch or glasses. Some would say that this technology is not yet fully developed, and they would be right. You may not be able to enjoy your favorite game this way yet, but many companies offer a mobile-friendly version of their titles. Considering how popular this technology has become since it enables people to play games whenever and where they want, we are eager to see what will come next for this part of the industry.

Wrapping up

These technologies have significantly changed the gaming industry in the past few decades. As already mentioned, the gaming world is the first one to adopt new advances, so can you even imagine where it will go from here? The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to see what happens next.