The Order Season 3 Release Date: Confirm or Canceled!


The Order has enjoyed the popularity of being one of the most popular streamed shows on Netflix. The show has managed to create a niche for itself in the genre that often fails to match viewers’ expectations. It is a horror drama series that has gained popularity over its span of two seasons. So much so that its fans and audience are eager to relate to any official announcements regarding the shoot or release of the third season.

But, apart from these expectations, the striking reality is whether this Netflix show will have a third season or not? There have been a lot of myths and allegations. This article will help in clearing the air of confusion and doubts. So, the fans either have to wait for the official announcement regarding the third season or mend their hearts towards something new.

So, if you are an Order fan, scroll on to know what you need to do amongst these two options!

About The Order Storyline

It belongs to a mix of two origins that is Canadian and American. It is a horror dramatic series that streams on Netflix. The show has rolled two seasons by now. The show’s director is Dennis Heaton. The show has Chad Oakes, David Von Ancken, Michael Frislev, and others like Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton as its executive producers.

The story of this series unfolds when Jack Morton who happens to be a college student, decides to join a secret society. The society’s name is ‘The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose’. He joined the society. He had thought of it to be regular one that could help him build some connections within the college. However, to his surprise, he later understands that society is home to some magicians who help others learn and practice magic.

Following his presence in society, he digs deep into their functions and learns about some of the dark secrets of the past attached to family. He finds himself stuck in the constant battle between different magician parties like witches and some werewolves.

The story is enchanting and keeps the user in a great position to want more of this series.

However, there are only 2 seasons of this series and many speculations regarding the third.

Season 3’s Star Cast And Fate Of The Series


Jake Manley plays the role of Jack Morton, and Sarah Grey plays the role of Alyssa Drake. Adam DiMarco plays Randall Carpio, and there are other characters like Jonas, Lilith Bathory, and Brandon Caruthers, played by Seam Depner, Devery Jacobs, and others like Aaron Hale, respectively. The supernatural drama is a Netflix original series and had 2 seasons initially. Each of the seasons had 10 episodes. The engrossed audience has been going rounds for any official information regarding the third season’s release.

But, to one’s dismay, there is no third season for the series. It may feel like heartbreak, and some fans might feel like shutting the page or still count on some official sources. But, irrespective of the immense popularity that the first two seasons of this thrilling show gained, there isn’t going to be a third season. As hard as it gets to believe that there is no more going to be a world of supernatural drama and magicians, it’s harder to know that Netflix has canceled this show. So, the makers can release nothing except the second season, which now happens to be the last of this legacy.

Official Confirmations


The series invites a lot of drama and should be watched once. It was made under the Nomadic Pictures manner, and the famous OTT platform – Netflix was distributing it under its umbrella. But it has just 2 seasons on its list. No matter what the humor says, the Twitter accounts of some of the star cast of this series suggest the same.

Dennis Heaton, the creator behind this amazing series, took to his social media account on Twitter and announced that there wouldn’t be any third season for the show. If this is a sad moment for The fans of this series, then, truly, there won’t be one. However, the good news is that the creator isn’t in the space to end it officially. The tweet on his account gave a ray of hope to the fans in the form of a reunion that might roll a decade later, probably by 2030!

Potential Reasons Behind The Absence Of The Third Season


The audience’s response to this show was amazing. From good reviews to appreciation in the form of emails and blogs, the creators have witnessed a lot of love and acceptance towards the series. So, the first question that comes to the people’s mind while hearing the fact there won’t be anything more of the series is – why?

And it is all things genuine. The response has been such that no one expected it to be called off so soon. So, to clear it all, here’s what happened and what led to stopping the series right after two seasons.

The truth is that this online did not have any plans to move forward with this captivating series. Yes, it was not the creators’ but Netflix’s decision to stop the series. The online content streaming platform is not willing to stream more of it. It keeps the audience wondering and searching for a solid ending. There are a lot of unaddressed queries that need to be answered. But, no one can find the answers until and unless there is more of The Order available on Netflix.


Please take it as a shock or a bad spoiler, but sources and official bios of the order star cast suggest that there is no third season for the show. No spinoffs, no backstories! That’s the end of the series for all the fans of this series. So, if you are someone who has a thing for streaming horror dramatic shows while switching on the television, it’s time for you to switch to something else or take a break from this genre until something new comes up to the rescue.