The Order: These Character Will Be Seen In Season 3 As Well!

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The very first season of The Order series has left us with an exciting turn that everyone were waiting to know more. And just before a month ago they released the second season of the series. It was so much of thriller and mysteries that everyone loved it. Now the thing is we want to know more about this series and the renewal of season 3.

Here are the details of Netflix’s series based on the old concepts like secret societies, the walls of men, and magic. Read further to know more.

The Order Season 3 release date

Well, after seeing the second season of The Order series, everyone reacted that they should continue with the third season. Also, everyone is reacting to announce them for the renewal of the third season.

But unfortunately, there is nothing announced yet about that release of The Order season 3. Also this pandemic situation has not stopped yet, that no one wants to take a risk for the filming.

But from the record of The Order series, we can guess the release date. The very first season of this series was released in March 2019. And recently they have released the second season on June 18, 2024. The gap between both seasons is around a year. So, we can expect them to release the third season at the end of 2024.

Who will return in the third season?

Well, it looks like the whole cast of season 2 will join the third season. And also there is a chance to add some new characters in the season if they want. The list of cast members is:

Characters of the Order season 3
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  • Jack Morton as (Jake Manley)
  • Vera Stone as (Katharine Isabelle)
  • Lilith Bathory as (Devery Jacobs)
  • Randall Carpio as (Adam DiMarco)
  • Nicole Birch as (Anesha Bailey)
  • Gabrielle Dupres as (Louriza Tronco),
  • Hamish Duke as (Thomas Elms)

So, this all will join the crew in the third season.

Trailer of The Order season 3

Well, there is nothing out as the trailer or teaser of The Order season 3. We hope them to announce a new update soon.

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Here is the trailer of The Order season 2:

So this is it about The Order season 3. Keep reading us to know more about new updates and news.