Animal Kingdom Season 5: What Will Happen With J And Pope?

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Animal Kingdom is the most awaited criminal drama series on Netflix. It is becoming more and more popular after every new season. Series is inspired by a film named Animal Kingdom. Jonathan Lisco is creator of family drama. Animal Kingdom is a story of a teenage boy’s upbringing after the death of his mother. His family is involved in the criminal world.

Season 4 is premiered last year in May. It has performed excellent, and everyone has praised season 4. IMDb rating is 8.2/10 for previous season. Season has some unexpected turns and deaths. No one has expected that Smurf will be dead.

Season 5 Updates

New season of Animal Kingdom releases in every May month, starting from 2015. But this year it is not possible to release in May. Coronavirus outbreak is the only reason behind that. Pandemic has stop everything. There are no plans to release new season this year.

Production and shooting is remaining. Director is planning for a shot, but in a pandemic, it is difficult. There are so many issues regarding the health and safety of cast. We are expecting season 5 next year in May. We will let you know if any updates are related to this.

Cast Of Animal Kingdom

  • Janine” Smurf” Cody by Ellen Barkin
  • Barry” Baz” Blackwell by Scott Speedman
  • Andrew” Pope” Cody by Shawn Hatosy
  • Deran Cody by Jake Weary
  • Craig Cody by Ben Robson
  • Joshua” J” Cody by Finn Cole
  • Mia Benitez by Sohi Rodriguez
  • Mann by Rigo Sanchez

What Will Happen With J And Pope?


After the death of Smurf series will be more complicated. Everyone knows because of Smurf; they were able to rule their little town. Without her, everyone will collapse.

There is no official detail out of the plot by team or by Netflix. We are expecting they will show the past life of Smurf and her family’s. It would be hard and dangerous for the Pope and J to survive in the criminal world.

It might be the final season, after seeing the story of season 4 it is moving towards the end. Season 5 will be more intense, brutal and full of drama. In season 5, we will see how J and Pope survive, What is Craig do? For all the answers you need to wait for season 5.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.
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