Undercover Season 2 Release date, Plotline. Here’s What we know about it.


A second season of Netflix’s first Benelux unique, “Undercover,” is underway. The story will move from concentrating on the unlawful drug exchange to the illicit arms business.

Th Non-English-language show is finding a worldwide crowd on stages. “Undercover” has positioned as one of Netflix’s most famous series in the U.K.  What’s more, fared well in Latin America and somewhere else.


The initial run followed a couple of cops from the Dutch and Belgian police powers going undercover to bust a medication ring producing Ecstasy. Belgian pubcaster VRT disclosed it locally. Netflix propelled it in the U.S.

The subsequent season, similar to the first, will include 10 episodes. It is set a year after the primary run’s occasions and will again follow Kim De Rooij, played by Anna Drijver, and Bob Lemmens, played by Tom Waes.

What is the Plot of Undercover Season 2? Is there any Trailer for it?

The series depends on genuine occasions. The story rotates around undercover specialists as they penetrate a medication activity that happens in the Dutch region, which fringes Belgium, Limburg.

Much insights concerning season 2’s story have been left well enough alone. Be that as it may, it is required to proceed with the account after the last occasions of Undercover Season 1. Likewise, season 2 will alter its course. The fundamental focal point of season 2 will move from drug exchanges to ‘weapons.’

A snap from Undercover
Image Netflix

The showrunner, Nico Moolenaar has revealed some insight into the plot of season 2. As per him, fans will see Kim and Bob in an entirely different reality where unlawful arms exchange has left hands, and the principal spotlight will be on illicit weapon exchange in Belgium.

He further included that the nation had become the ‘focal point of such a large number of violations,’ in any case, that is the thing that allows the authors to acquire the tales front of the world.

Aside from these, Nico guaranteed that season 2 would be brimming with ‘fervor, feeling, and funniness.’

Since the official release date is not set, the trailer would drop in the not so distant future. Until further notice, you can watch the trailer of Season 1 to get a thought of the show.

Release Date for season 2 and Where to Stream it?

Undercover Season 2 will release on sixth September 2024 in the Netherlands. As per the official declaration, the show will be accessible outside the Netherlands in the fall of 2024, and you will have the option to watch it on Netflix.

This is what we know about Undercover Season 2. While you wait for season 2, Stay tuned and stay safe. We promise to deliver the best content.