How I Met Your Mother Season 10: Know Everything!


The tenth part of the very popular series, How I Met Your Mother is in the talks of getting released soon. The last season of the series(Season 9) was premiered in 2014, and it consisted of nine episodes.

According to reports, we can see the, How I Met Your Mother Season 10 focussing mainly on Lily and Marshall.

How I Met Your Mother
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The series is an American sitcom which ran from 2005 to 2014. It was created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for CBS. How I Met, Your Mother is a joint production of 20th Century Fox Television and Bays & Thomas productions and was syndicated by 20th Television.

It is said that the series is loosely based on the inspirations taken from the friendship of Bays and Thomas when they were in New York City. Two hundred eight episodes were directed by four directors, which constituted the series.

Among which Pamela Fryman directed 196 episodes, Rob Greenberg – 7 episodes, Michael Shea – 4 episodes, and Neil Patrick Harris – 1 episode.


The series is guided by the narration of a story by Ted Mosby, telling his children how he met their mother. The story runs in a flashback when Ted was 27 years old and was living in New York. He tells his son and daughter in 2030 about all the events and incidents that led him to meet their mother.

How I Met Your Mother
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The finale of the series in 2014, left all the fans scratching their heads. They waited for nine years to know how he met their mother. We later witness that Ted’s wife dies in the early phase of their marriage, and it screwed it all up for the fans.

They were expecting a happy ending, but they didn’t get it. Maybe, the Season 10 is to brush up all the mistakes they did to piss off fans and give justice to the ending.

How I Met Your Mother Season 10 Release Date

As of now, no official date of release for the tenth season of the series has been announced. We’ll update you as soon as the date is announced officially. Till then, keep visiting our page for all the latest updates.