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Karen Gillian Replies On Her Rumors : Is She Regret For Her Jumanji Sequel Role?

Jumanji: Next Level hits on the theaters this month. It was released on 13 December 2019.
Jumanji’s lead character is Karen Gillian, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart.
Many rumors get viral for the Jumanji: Next Level movie. One of the stories is about Karen Gillian. She got a brilliant character in Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle. After that, her role gets some changes for the sequel movie.

The Rumor Viral

Karen Gillian was disappointed with her role in the movie Jumanji: Next Level movie.

Karen Gillian spoke about Jumanji’s sequel

The first part of Jumanji was very hit. It was released in 1995. After that Many of Jumanji’s fans get disappointed when Jumanji’s sequel was announced. In which Kren Gillian was also included. She believed that thought remaking Jumanji was a bad idea. She said:
” My initial reaction when I heard they were remaking Jumanji [was], ‘Why would you do that to Jumanji? What are you going to do with one of my favorite childhood movies? Don’t ruin my childhood!’ I had the same reaction as everyone else. And then I read the script, and that changed everything because I knew they’d done something inventive and original while still honoring the original. It was the perfect blend. “

Karen Gillian Spoke About Rumors

In a press conference, a reporter asks Karen Gillan about the rumors that, is she regret about her role in Jumanji? She said, “No, it was a hilarious question. And she was pleased to be able to change a bit with the character”. After the whole interview with her, we can say that it was only the rumors. And she is happy with her character in the movie. And this proves that we can never trust any stories without any base.


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