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The Black Mirror Season 6: Air date, New[Cast], Plot, Assumptions, Upcoming News, Trailer, etc.

We know that most of the motion pictures productions are based on science fiction. There is no doubt that Black Mirror: Bandnerneach is among the one of the most popular sci-fi collection. This thrilling sci-fi adventure was made by on the best sci-fi stories expert Charlie Brooker. Also, he was guided by David Slade. Until now, Black Mirror: Bandnerneach had launched five top graded seasons. Also, it had become one of the most liked and most viewed shows on Netflix.

The whole story of a movie is based on one kind of intended Imagine Software computer game. And the name of the game is given “Black Mirror: Bandnerneach”. But the movie was not launched on the big screen as reports came that the firm is suffering bankruptcy. This computer game is the best example of a sci-fi story. Also, it makes it Horror as we know that it has launched five seasons which results in the terrific success. So, the creators are being pushed to start the 6th season. Yes, the sixth season will be streaming on Netflix in a certain period.


Netflix has not yet revealed the date of releasing the brand new season of Black Mirror. At this time, the procedure of collection of the 5th season is in progress. So we may have to for the next season until the end of 2020.


It is assumed that season 6 will also have six episodes as same as the previous seasons. Also, every event is not connected to the other episode. Every episode will have separate and different stories. In Black Mirror Season 6, we are certainly going to see huge celebrities like Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott, Miley Cyrus, and also many other famous faces.

Trailer Details

As for now, we don’t have any information regarding the trailer. As we assumed that the show would on the air in the late 2020s, So we might expect the trailer to be released in the springs of 2020.


Black Mirror is widely known for its type of storyline. Its story keeps us thrilled throughout the entire episode until the end arrives. In the same way, in season 6, we are going to see some exciting new stories which will make our eyes wide open. According to some rumors, at the end of every episode, they will show us that each story has some connection with some other account. Also, they are going to share the same cosmos that was meant in the Smithrens episode of the previous season.

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