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Gameboys Episode 6: When will it be out?

When Terrence made an appearance in the last episode of Gameboys, it made Cairo question his position in Gav’s heart. This only led to more and more conflicts in the story. With this week’s episode being already released, we have to wait for the next week for more updates. The show releases a new episode every Friday for all its fans.

Gameboys is all about a live game streamer, Cairo, and his fan, Gavreel, who know each other after competing on an online game together. The story turns intriguing when the unknown gamer Angel2000 (Gav) wins over the popular gamer Cai. So, as of now, they have started as online game competitors. But, it will be interesting to see whether their relationship will blossom into friendship, or perhaps, something more? Keep reading to know more!

A still from Gameboys; Image source: news.otakukart.com

When will Gameboys episode 6 release?

As per reports, Gameboys episode 6 will be released on Friday, 3 July 2020, at 20:00, according to PST. Gameboys is the latest BL mini-series that is available on Youtube. So you will be able to watch all the new episodes as soon as it releases. The best part is, all the events are available with English subtitles for viewers from all over the world.

Who are the cast members of the show?

Gameboy features some of the most popular actors in its genre, like Kokoy De Santos as Gavreel Alarcon, Adrianna So acting as Pearl Gatdula, Elijah Canlas as Cairo Lazaro, Kyle Velino as Terrence and Carreon Jerom Canlas as London Lazaro. Some other guests supporting characters are also there who visit throughout the series.

A still from Gameboys; Image source: news.otakukart.com

About the show.

BL mini-series Gameboys is produced by the Idea-First Company, so that’s why it is coming as a web series that is available online on Youtube. As per reports, the series received excellent ratings and got a lot of viewers in just a few weeks from its debut. Keep watching the new episodes every Friday on Youtube.

Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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