Inside Man Episode 14 and 15:  Find the air date and all the streaming details here.

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How many of you are impatient, eager, and curious sort of personalities who can’t wait to watch or know what happens next? As in who all get bored and frustrated when a certain story or show takes some time for the follow-up or next episode? And undoubtedly, Inside Man is one of those shows for us.
I am, and if you are too then you will like Inside Man as it releases all of its episodes the next apart from weekend intervals.  It is quite easier and tolerant and be patient until the next episode.  Even the show will keep you into the story as it won’t let you lose your focus and grasp your attention.
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As this quarantine period and this pandemic, the situation requires something more this single thing is not enough. So, in order to double the happiness, the makers of the show have made it double episodes per week that is from 5 episodes per week and a single episode each day to 10 episodes per week i.e. 2 episodes per day. It will have 49 episodes in the first season and the pace at which the show is going on it won’t take long to wrap the story of season one, unlike other unending dramas.
This article talks about the insights of Inside Man episode 14 and 15, the plot, release date, other details like when it will stream, and updates regarding further new episodes. The story revolves around the life and opinions of two brothers regarding politics and their stance on the same as behave and live in their respective political environments.
Investigate their lies.
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Inside Man Episode 14 & 15 Release Date and Streaming Details

Eagerness and impatience of fans will get over by 19:30 CST, on 30th June 2024, Tuesday as the episode 14 and 15 will be aired. New episodes will be aired for the locals first on iQiyi Youku TV. For the non-Chinese viewers, they will have to stream the online through various streaming platforms whose details are given below.
All the Non-Chinese can watch the show online through streaming on Tencent. Each and every platform will be available with English subtitles as the show is available in the Chinese language. People who are Non-Chinese will have to be a bit more patient for the officials to upload the episodes on Tencent after the first and privileged screening of the locals.
Investigating the truth. Image: Google

What is the cast of the show?

The cast of the show comprises of Faye Wang as Liu Ru, Pan Yue as Shen Lin, Wang Rui as Yao Bi, Zhao Da as Luo Li and Zhao Yang as Lu Wen apart from them Zhang Yi Sha who acts as Shen Fang is in the lead.