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Re Zero Season 2 Episode 12, release date, summary.

Hitting every checkbox of genre is probably Re Zero. The anime is a blast, which includes romance, action fantasy and even time travel and many more. This makes the every anime lover to add it into the bucket list. Showing some of the best animations and adorable cuteness of the character Re zero has become most stream anime on Netflix. Here’s full information about the upcoming Re Zero season 2 episode 12.

Release date of Re Zero season 2 episode 12:

The Re Zero season 2 episode 12 will release on September 23, 2020 at 10:30 PM (ASIA/TOKYO TIME) (Japan Standard Time). The time mentioned is for the premium users, as for non-premium users, it will get released a week after that.

The season is available at Crunchyroll with traditional Japanese audio and English subtitle. In contrast, the first season can be enjoyed in English at various platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and VRV. While for the second season, there are rumours to get release soon; we will keep updating the dated about it.


The season started with a low pace story, with Subaru gaining his behaviour and personality back, also the character development from season 1.

Things got worse when Crush and Rem encountered Lye and Regulas. When Lye and Regulas confronted the Subaru’s crew, the duos were no match for them. In the battle, Crusch loses his limb while defending himself from the Regulas attack. And Rem’s memories were taken by Lye; which resultes to losing her abilities. And leads to everyone to agree that things have gone way too far and must act quickly, before it’s too late.

Re Zero then some new character reveals in the recent episodes, and more screen time of the prime ones. They are also showing some of the witches.

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