50 Shades Of Grey Actress, “ Dakota Johnson” Accused Ellen Of Missing Her Birthday Party


Dakota Johnson cried on The Ellen Show recently in which the celebrity asked out the chat show host for claiming that she was not invited to Dakota Johnson’s 30th birthday celebration. Uncomfortable!

When host Ellen Degeneres questioned was that the collecting and withdrew hint that she was not invited to the birthday celebration, Dakota Johnson promptly answered,”Really, no, that is not the precision. Ellen, you’re encouraged. No, the last time I had been on the series this past year, you introduced me a pile of sh** about not encouraging you, but that I did not even know you wanted to be encouraged .”

The chat show host Ellen Degeneres replied,”Well, who would not want to get invited to a celebration? ”

Ellen Degeneres also looked skeptical that she had been awarded an invitation, additionally requesting Dakota,”Are you convinced ?” To which the 50 Colours celebrity responded,”Request everyone — inquire Johnathan, your manufacturer. ”

Dakota Johnson confirmed:”Nevertheless I’d invite you, and you did not arrive.”

A member of this T.V. show host Ellen DeGeneres’ team then reacted backward the scenes which she had been outside of town, helping the host to quip,”Oh yeah, I had that matter .”

Ellen included,”It [the birthday celebration ] was allegedly in Malibu. That is too distant for me to journey to.”

The videotape of this dialogue has considered gone viral across the holiday weekend in the USA with opinions on Twitter carrying a field day using the uncomfortable exchange. ”

A distinct fan posted”Dakota johnson on ellen is exactly just how many of my dates operate .”