Ellen DeGeneres: Rosie O’Donnell is ‘Compassionate’ towards Her!

Ellen DeGeneres
Heidi Klum and Ellen DeGeneres is seen during a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" at the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif. (Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer. She has remained as the heart-winner aurora amongst a lot of people. She starred in the sitcom Ellen from 1994 to 1998 and has hosted her too famous TV talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, since 2003.

A lot of celebs have appeared on the front, which has captured the audiences hearts.

With SuperM
Ellen DeGeneres with SuperM

What’s the Deal!?

Ellen has always focused on the phrase, “Be kind to one another.

Ellen and Taylor Swift
LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 10: Television personality Ellen Degeneres and singer Taylor Swift attend the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

In March 2024, Kevin Porter, a comedian polled on the worst show experiences. He mentioned Ellen DeGeneres as “One of the meanest people alive.”

His tweet went viral. It gained many approvers and many haters too.

Another argument claims that Ellen never looks eye to eye with her employees.

Many celebs have come to Ellen DeGeneres’ rescue. Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, Scooter Braun, and Kevin Hart, Rosie O’Donnell, and family (Portia de Rosiewife and Vance DeGeneresbrother). Rosie amongst them, has known Ellen for decades. She took up the opportunity to defend her.

Ellen DeGeneres Rosie
Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie recently revealed things during her appearance on the Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best podcast. She never appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show because of the host’s inclination to scare her guests. But as a host herself she spoke that one couldn’t fake their essence, which is why she has compassion for her

Rosie spoke up for Ellen with her knowledge with her and the experience as a host herself.

She also adds that with experience, she feels that the fame might have got to Ellen, which arouse the matter. But, that makes her feel compassionate towards her.

What happened to Ellen DeGeneres since then!?

Since the investigation on this matter began, many claimed for Ellen to get replaced as the host. But, after the incident Warner Bros., the managing production company has fired some top producers of the show. The host issued an apology to everybody who felt hurt due to her. She also topped her employees with benefits since then. No replacement statements or cancellation did get published from the production company. So, we still have the talk show on our screens.

With BTS
Ellen DeGeneres with BTS

She now aims at directly communicating and spending time with her fans. She hopes that the misunderstandings will get clarified. With a lot of fans to support her, Ellen has always been youthful and will continue to do so.

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