Here’s how Dakota Johnson feels about Christian Grey aka Jamie Dornan!

Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, specific two names, never go without the remark of another. Ever since they came mutually as Ana and Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, these two names have become interchangeable. Their chemistry was on fire, straight.

Hence, people were expecting them to get united in real life. Nonetheless, all they have ever been is buddies. But what we hope is, Anastasia and Mr Grey, aka Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, might come back together. Back together for another movie soon. Indeed, your excited squeaks are understandable.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan’s connection:

The filming for the film, they both maintained their distance and made sure to make each other comfortable. Dakota mentioned how Jamie would make her chuckle during intense scenes to decrease the tension. Even Jamie did his best to make Dakota feel relaxed throughout the shoot. In an interview, Dakota claimed her connection with Jamie was base on shared trust and respect. He would protect her and comfort her during keen-witted circumstances.

Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan
Fifty Shades of Grey

Besides, to shut the baseless talks about differences between Jamie and Dakota, Jamie announced that he would promote Dakota’s film. The Friend. And indeed, he kept his commitment. Dakota is friends with Jamie’s partner, Amelia Warner. And she loves spending extent with her and their kids. They have seen out concurrently many times. In a meeting, while promoting The High Note, Dakota was asked to choose between Jamie and Christian. Dakota chose Jamie over Mr Grey. Dakota said, “Probably Jamie…he’s a lot funnier than Christian Grey.

Where are they now?

Despite all these tales, they both have managed a good friendship. And never let it influence their connection with each other or their beloved ones. Both of them have been working, but they try to catch-up with each other. Currently, Dakota Johnson is in a relationship with Chris Martin, and Jamie is living a happy life with his wife and three kids.

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