AFL Betting Tips And Strategies To Help You Win in 2024


People spend a sizable amount of their income on gambling because it is a low investment with high reward opportunities. The craze for sports betting skyrocketed during the last few years when people had nothing to do besides stay home and entertain themselves. Last year, the global sports betting industry witnessed a 165% spike compared to previous years.

Although gambling is available in almost all sports, football is the most popular. The Australian Football League, or AFL, offers plenty of choices, but one needs to work harder to earn from it.

Since the AFL betting markets are often affected by public perception, which can skew the odds and make it even harder to predict, this article lists some advanced strategies to win. Find out more here about the AFL betting market scenario.

Try Live Betting


Although fans don’t like calling and placing wagers during a match, gambling live is one of the best ways to win big. The volatility of live betting during an AFL match allows punters to use lucrative opportunities to their advantage. All one needs is the required data and the willingness to call to apply these strategies.

Wager On Favourites

Another popular way to make a lot of money from a bookie is by gambling on favourites. They pay out a lot more significant odds than underdogs and are simple to anticipate, making it easier for gamblers of other sports too.

Bookies have maintained an outstanding record of triumph during the last few years, while the underdogs have failed more than succeeded. Moreover, even if the underdogs win, their payout is not so big!

Try Point Spreads


Also referred to as Line Bets, it is a famous type of gambling in the AFL market. Under this strategy, the bettor predicts the number of points they expect a team to succeed. If the team succeeds by those points, irrespective of the odds, the bettor receives the payout.

Over Or Under Bets

This strategy allows the bettor to guess whether the match’s absolute score will be more or less than the given threshold. One can also use online software that calculates bonuses using the wagering amount and odds to determine the amount of money a bettor can win if their prophecy is correct.

While over-bets are more dangerous due to higher payout possibility, under-bets are securer, but the payout is not a lot.

Control The Gambling Bankroll


Although betting on AFL is fun because it is the most popular league in Australia, it doesn’t mean fans should spend all their money on it. Novice punters often get too excited and spend all their money in one go.

Gambling is about patience, thorough research, and knowing how much to risk. Pro gamblers usually study the fixtures for a week and then examine each team and match to understand the likelihood of outcomes.

Create A Brownlow Leaderboard

People who love watching football matches can easily make it and use it to check the stats of missed games. People often go crazy during the last week of a championship. But it is possible to use it to one’s advantage by creating a Brownlow leaderboard.

All they need to find is a few reliable websites to draw comparisons and create a database of players who have kicked the most goals to wager on the right team. With all this data, it is easy to place live bets.

Research and Analysis Techniques


No matter what you bet on, whether it is the AFL season or finals, it pays to put in the effort to learn more and research your options. One great way to do this is by conducting research and analysis into the teams and markets you wish to bet on. This involves analyzing past performances and outcomes, looking at statistics, researching team form and player availability, researching upcoming game venues as well as taking into account weather conditions and other external factors. By investigating various options backed up by facts and data, you can develop better strategies for your betting decisions.

Money Management Strategies

Gambling on Australian Rules Football offers the added excitement of winning money as you root for your favorite teams. But, as with any form of betting, it’s important to keep a good handle on your bankroll. Before you begin betting on AFL matches, take some time to consider your budget and bet limits. This will help you avoid spiraling out of control and taking unnecessary risks with your hard-earned money. Here are some tips for managing your bankroll wisely:

  • Set a budget: Determine how much money you can realistically afford to spend on AFL bets each month and stick to it. You may want to start small and increase betting in amounts that align with an amount that you can realistically cover if the bets don’t go your way.
  • Spread out bets: Don’t put all your eggs into one basket; instead, spread out bets over a variety of AFL matches so that if one fails, there are still opportunities for other matches to win.
  • Consider “hedging” (or double-betting): If two outcomes appear likely for one match, bet on both so that if one fails the other might cover any losses or contribute a profit regardless of the outcome. Of course, hedging takes away the risk of losing but also reduces the chances of winning big profits since smaller ones will always be somewhat assured no matter what!
  • Limit yourself: Know when enough is enough — do not let yourself get carried away by constant AFL betting; know when it is best to call it quits and walk away after either a nice win or appropriate loss limits have been reached.


Gambling is a fun way to spend time. While some people prefer slot machines and traditional table games, others love sports. It might be a way of demonstrating support or a genuine way to earn money. Whatever the reason is, it is crucial to connect to a safe and secure bookmaking professional to bet.

Although following the above techniques doesn’t ensure a win every time, they can improve one’s prospects of winning if followed correctly. However, before wagering money, carefully study the sport, look at the standings table, and keep an eye on players’ injuries and recent transfers to make a better prediction.