7 Most Popular Sports for Betting In Canada 2024

Source: sportsnet.ca

Betting makes the game more exciting and you can also win money. That’s a double deal so who wouldn’t like it? But not all sports are popular equally. Every country has its national game and the games that its people love. Then there is another category, which is famous for betting. Canadians are not an exception, they love sports and they love making bets too.

Although there are a lot of games popular for betting in Canada but that’s not all. You also need the right tools to do your job and the right betting place is the tool for that. There are plenty of betting clubs for sports bettors and you can go there if you want to.

You have the option of betting sites too. We have the world of the internet so would it be difficult to find something that you really want? Of course not. But finding a legal and authentic website is important. As it involves money and that is why there is a high risk of fraud. Thus, we are providing you with Canadasportsbetting.ca where you can find a list of the best Canadian betting sites.

So, everything that you need right now is here, at www.canadasportsbetting.ca. Besides the list of sites, you will also get their ratings, reviews and the bonus that they offer. But wait, that’s not all. You will also get the latest news about betting.

After you are done with finding the right site, you need to decide on the game to bet on. So here is a list of the most famous sports in Canada to make your bet on.

1. Lacrosse

Source: uslacrosse.org

Lacrosse or ice hockey is the national sport of Canada and also the game that gets the highest bets. Ice hockey is a sport full of excitement and joy and Canada has won a lot of medals in it too. You cannot predict the final move and that what makes it more thrilling. And this is also the reason for its higher betting rate.

The betting fanatics love the high odds that the game brings to them. In addition to this, the rewards are also quite big, unlike many other sports. So if you are lucky enough, you are likely to hit a jackpot. Seems like easy money, right? But you need the luck and of course some cash too.

2. Basketball

Basketball is also one of the sports that started in Canada. Furthermore, there are plenty of big names in the basketball world who are Canadian. That’s why it is no surprise that it is popular among betting sites and clubs too.

Besides Canadians, a lot of foreigners also love betting through websites. Therefore, the competition gets tough and so does the prize amount. So even if you are not in Canada, you can still make the bet on your favorite game and win the prize amount. But it is not just luck, if you want to win a huge profit, you have to make your winning strategy.

3. Football

Source: covers.com

Another sport that gets a higher betting rate is football. Nationwide football leagues and matches take place in Canada because of its popularity. So the more the number of matches, the more the winning chances will be. Moreover, you can make your bet on every league or on the one that you like. You will have plenty of chances to win with football.
But wait, it is not just the nationwide matches, but a lot of college football tournaments too. In Canada, even the college football leagues get a lot of attention. Therefore, they attract bettors too. So if you want you can participate in the online bet for the college league too. Thus, you don’t have to wait for the national league.

4. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA – UFC)

Despite being a self-defense game, it brings a lot of excitement to the crowd. Moreover, Canadians love to watch UFC matches and make bets too. Furthermore, you can find some good websites that allow making bets on MMA matches. So if you love fights and MMA matches, you can make money through it too. Furthermore, you will have the option of playing and betting online and not just in clubs.

5. Tennis

Source: tennishead.net/

Tennis is also one of the sports that attract a high bettor rate. Moreover, tennis matches are known for the highest beginner ratio. So if you are just getting into betting, you can start from tennis tournaments. You don’t have to pay much attention to making the winning strategies.

In addition to this, unlike other games like football, basketball and hockey, tennis is rather easier to analyze. You don’t need special skills, you can simply watch the performance of the player. Furthermore, it is a single-person or doubles (team of two) game. So you can check the previous record of the players and analyze the live performance. Thus, you will get a better analysis of the situation and can make your bet accordingly.

6. Soccer

Soccer has a high betting rate despite being not a powerhouse game in Canada. Furthermore, Canadians have an amazing soccer performance on the international stage. In addition to the international level, Canada has 3 major soccer teams. This includes Vancouver Whitecaps, Montreal protocol and Toronto FC.

Therefore, you can have amazing soccer leagues to watch and make some money at the side. And if you are only focused on winning the bets and making money, that too is not impossible. Furthermore, online sportsbooks offer some amazing betting options.

7. Golf

Source: pexels.com

Despite the cold and snowy winters, Canadians love to play and attend golf matches during the summer months. It comes under daily fantasy sports as it involves a rich past in Canada.

Although it attracts more spectators in the summer months, it is an all-season sports game. Thus, it gives a high likeability for bets. So if you want to add constant money to your account, you can choose to bet it on golf too. Online betting websites allow you to win and earn through golf tournaments.