Which Grand Theft Auto Game Version is Best

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Over the years there have been many installments of the GTA franchise. There have been main games such as GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, but there have also been other versions of the game such as GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony, that are more of a different story and approach to the main installment. The legend says, in the gaming world, there are only a handful of people who haven’t at least heard of the GTA San Andreas, but I don’t believe people like that exist. This title brings us back to our youth, hours and hours completing hard missions and earning cash, and oh the train, who wasn’t furious at the possibly the hardest mission of cashing a train on a motorcycle with Big Smoke? But in the end, it was one of the best games of our childhood, and maybe even the most important installment for the GTA franchise. Some people even play it to this date, a very few, but very nostalgic people. Younger generations might have not played the game, but they couldn’t even consider themselves gamers if they didn’t at least hear of the game. All of that being said, GTA IV and GTA V had big shoes to fill when they hit the daylight. GTA IV was good, it was a leap forward with the graphics and very detailed map of New York, but some might still argue that it had its flaws. But very soon after that, Rockstar studios took the playing field to the next step with GTA V. The installment was so very well received, it is one of the most popular games on the planet, and it was the golden standard for games for years to come.

Large and immersive story

All passionate players who have been looking forward to the launch of the new version of Grand Theft Auto can now enjoy the long missions that await them. During the game, players are allowed to make certain decisions that will define the future outcome. Depending on that, the ending may be different for each player. This means that GTA provides everyone with a unique gaming experience.

Dynamic missions will keep you focused and excited for many hours during the day. In addition to the usual violent behavior, which includes fights, killing, vehicle theft, collision, and trampling of pedestrians, Grand Theft Auto V offers a huge number of side activities. Some of them are participating in stock exchanges, helicopter rides, parachuting, and many others.

Three antagonists

Unlike most games, as well as previous GTA sequels, in this case, you can find yourself in the perspective of one of the three main characters. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. An interesting fact is that each of the characters is created to resemble their voice actor.

The plot begins with a theft whose main actors are Michael and Trevor. After that theft, Michael fakes his death and continues his life in Los Santos as a seemingly ordinary family man. Unaware that Michael is alive, Trevor moves to a desert settlement near Los Santos and their paths cross again after a new theft that will occur in the future. Then they connect with the black Franklin, who also has a criminal past.

Each of the characters is equally exciting and you can experience a special story with each one.

Beautiful graphics

Another aspect that could delight you is the graphics. We could say that this is probably one of the best graphics projects when it comes to the gaming world. Especially for the very beginnings of its creation, considering that the Grand Theft Auto V was launched in 2013. Then it could stand out far by its best appearance.

Also, to date, there is no gaming project that is better graphically designed. Even if there were such, they were probably slightly more graphically advanced. The high standard hasn’t been surpassed even today and that is what the players adore because it gives them a unique experience and a realistic feeling.

Large and beautiful map

If you have never had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles, visit Hollywood and walk these streets, the Grand Theft Auto V version gives you a chance for that as well. The action is located in an area that is identical to Los Angeles, but with a changed name and shown in the form of a map of Los Santos. Isn’t that great?

All the places that are in Los Angeles are also here, only with changed names. One-third of the map is the heart of the city, one-third is Hollywood, more precisely “Vinewood” as the authors now call it. In the background are the desert and mountains with smaller settlements.

Constant updates and new DLC-s

All players who tend to remain loyal to the game they like and play for many years will be delighted by the fact that the new updates are constant. Unlike various other gaming companies that are working on updates for a very short time after the launch of the new version, the Rockstar company invests great efforts to keep the game functional and keep its loyal members.

In addition to minor updates, DLCs are also not neglected. Given the great variety of means of transport such as helicopters, airplanes, various cars and motorcycles, this is necessary. This is proof that the Rockstar company still takes care of the players with the same dedication as on the first day, making their experience even more interesting.

GTA Online

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GTA online as a special section of GTA 5 also appears as an option that provides a new and even more exciting experience. It allows all players to gather with a team of friends in the public lobby and experience new missions and tasks that are different from those in the story.

Thanks to the new updates and DLCs, you can continue to enjoy new and very fun actions, and you don’t have to be alone, but you can share the enjoyment with your friends. Either way, whichever way you play, you can find the minimum performance required of your PC and more at gamingbeasts.com.

From all the above, one can clearly conclude the great popularity of this game, as well as why it is considered the best of all versions. From the moment of its launch, there has been speculation about the potential launch of a new, sixth version, but unfortunately, even the date of the trailer release is still unknown. Still, fans are eagerly awaiting.