Iconic Games You Can’t Miss Out On

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Year after year, the pile of games just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Different companies and manufacturers are coming out with newer & more compelling stories, as well as different gameplay. This means that the gaming industry is busy as a bee when it comes to offering games to gamers.

In the sea of games, some stand out more than others. In other words, they’re so good that they transcend time. This is why you need to try such titles and have fun as soon as possible, especially if you haven’t played some of these in the past.

Top 6 games you must play or replay sometime soon

1. Mafia III

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You’ve heard about the first and second installments of the Mafia franchise. This one continues the story and gives you a new character to play with. Lincoln Clay is a Vietnam War vet and you follow his story in the game.

Your objective is to avenge the death of your foster parents. While searching for the murderers you meet all kinds of characters and some of them are from the previous games. Casinos and the mob go hand in hand, and you’ll visit a fair share of casinos in this game.

Nowadays, most casino games are available online. In other words, casino enthusiast can enjoy their favorite titles at casino sites. For example, they can play Netbet games or casino games at other sites. They can choose their game or games to play from the abundant selection at these sites. The main thing about these games is to enjoy them responsibly.

2. The Grand Theft Auto Franchise

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It’s true that there are many GTA games available which is why it’s hard to pick out a single game. For some GTA San Andreas is the best GTA game of all time while others prefer GTA IV and some say that GTA V is the best. After you finish them, you’ll realize that all of these are pretty good games.

San Andreas lets you view the world through the eyes of CJ while GTA IV introduces you to Niko. Then you have GTA V which gives you 3 characters to play with. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin all give different nuances to the GTA world. Regardless of which game you chose, you’ll get an amazing story, interesting missions, and a great gaming experience.

3. Vampyr

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This is a pretty recent game when compared to the other ones on this list. In it, you take the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly turned vampire. The game is set during the Spanish Flu epidemic in London and you’re presumed dead. Once you rise again you attack a woman that turns out to be your sister.

As the story unfolds you’ll meet a host of colorful characters like Dr. Swansea, Lady Ashbury, Old Bridget, Hampton, and others. The whole idea of the game is to see what kind of choices you’ll make. If you remain a doctor and help heal citizens from various diseases you won’t be a strong vampire.

But if you choose to be a strong vampire and feed on citizens the boroughs will become hostile. Either way, you’ll have to face the vampire world. Vampyr is a vampire game that offers a compelling story and therefore an interesting gameplay experience which makes it an iconic game.

4. Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic

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KOTOR is a sci-fi game set in the Star Wars universe before Yoda, Obi-Wan, Sidious, and other characters that fans love. In it, you’ll create a character and you’ll give the character various skills which you’ll improve as you advance in the game. Regardless of which class you select you’ll get Jedi training.

But it’s up to you to decide if you’ll stay a Jedi or become a Sith. The story is magnificent as your choices influence it, and even the slightest choice can make a huge impact. Although it’s a pretty old game with outdated visuals once you start playing it you won’t be able to put it down and you will want to finish it.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved

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Halo is one of the most popular games worldwide which has won our hearts over a couple of times. There are many Halo sequels out there, which does make it hard and impossible to pick out just one game.

Both men & women were in love with this new-wave gameplay when it first arrived on the market back in 2001. In the world of Halo, you will visit and see their alien planet which is shaped like a ring. You are on a mission and are in a super soldier uniform, while your name is Master Chief who uncovers the secrets of Halo.

You will battle loads of aliens and soldiers on foot and in vehicles. You can fight cooperatively with a friend through single-player missions. One of the coolest things about this game is that is available on almost every single platform and console! You can enjoy it on your Xbox, PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, you name it!

6. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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Yet again, CoD is a game that we all loved to play, and it can be hard to single out just one favorite. Did you know that there were 24 CoD video games?! Modern Warfare 2 is their tenth released game that still continues to grip our hearts and occupy our minds.

You will see the world collapse around you while playing Warfare. There is also the 2-player cooperative online play, along with different missions such as Ops that is more difficult than previous CoD missions.

You can customize the game however you like + you get to play with different modes and weapons, such as machine pistols, handguns, riot shields, and knives. It is a shooting game that almost everyone played while growing up, wouldn’t you agree? Nowadays Call of Duty is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, OS X for your pure enjoyment.