4 Pros and Cons of Using Free Invoice Generators

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With the way work unravels in the current technology-heavy age it is very useful to utilize available software in as many aspects of our job as possible. No matter the size of your operation or experience you have managing employees these will help you.  The biggest issues one can face are usually the management of finances and proper documentation of the business. The simplest way of improving the pace at which these are finished is through the use of invoice generator software. There are several available options on the market, often differing in the scope of features they provide and their business policy.

Deciding on an invoice generator service provider

The important aspects to look out for when picking between available options are functionality and convenience. The more features a service has the better our experience with it. The most frequent, reoccurring feature is the option to create invoices quickly from scratch or by picking an invoice template from the provided selection. The invoice generator software providers, such as this website, may also have potent customer support, ready to assist you with any trouble you run into. The invoice samples and invoice examples present on these services are also very useful for those who’ve only recently started their business and are looking to make their paperwork more professional.

Pros of invoice generator service

Ease of use

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The first and the most important advantage of invoice generators is how easy they are to use. It’s an important aspect that allows for proper use by anybody no matter their previous level of engagement with similar software. It’s also incredibly simple to operate invoice generators, usually requiring just a few button presses rather than usual hours of manual writing by hand. This comes from the fact software fills out the information of each customer automatically as soon as you insert their name, drawing the corresponding information we’ve previously stored.

Convenience for customers and yourself

Integration of additional, online software into the business always comes with the benefit of customer convenience. This holds true for invoice generators as well. Adding a venue for certain preferences of interaction your customers may have is very much in line with the capabilities of the software. These apps often come with the ability to log in and check the information that has been uploaded on them. Customers can utilize this feature to revise information related to themselves or alter their products. The interface of these apps is kept very simple and user-friendly, removing any need to worry about them or yourself getting lost.

Improving public perception of your business

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There are more tangential and indirect effects introducing software like this into your standard operating procedure. When your business gets discussed convenient factors will eventually be brought up. Customers who are aware that the business is being conducted through fast, error-free invoice generators are likely to feel more at ease when engaging with it and begin interactions in the first place.

Gives you the ease of mind

Whenever we have to deal with any sort of paperwork there’s a niggling thought that something is being forgotten. Maybe we made a very embarrassing typo or forgot to fill in that one section that is a bit too sidelined on the document. These worries are neutralized swiftly with invoice generator apps. They reduce the opportunities for human error by limiting the amount of necessary investment any person interacting with the software has. Another worry that crops up in documentation can happen during the mailing of your papers. When the invoice is sent yet there’s no payment being made or contact about the payment happening, things get a bit tangled. We could call up the customer and ask about the missing payment which in turn can make them confused and worried, as there’s a chance invoice never made it to them. If resolution ends up being that the invoice is missing you’ll have to go through the process again, hoping it won’t get lost in transit this time. Alternatively, you could conduct this invoice conducting business with the help of online invoicing applications. Not only does it eliminate these problems, but it also provides backup for your invoice copies so you can come back to them if there’s any concern in the future.

Cons of utilizing invoice generator service

Invoice can get caught by spam filters

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The way these invoices will be delivered is through various e-mail services your customers are using. While this is an expedient and simplest way of exchanging information through the internet it can also run into a very unique issue. Namely, it gets affected by spam filters. At times, the email services will mark invoices as spam, putting them in the spam folder and causing your customers to miss them. There are ways to get around this and the issue itself isn’t frequent enough to warrant excessive worry but it is still important to note.

Inability to alter at a later date

If there’s one aspect left to human error it’s the creation of invoices itself. The way we intend to use and apply the invoice cannot be altered at a later date. The services will provide the ability to change your invoice template shortly after creation but only to a minor extent. Any major mistakes will necessitate a new invoice to be made.

Customers without an online presence won’t be able to use it

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While a number of your customers may also be utilizing software that deals with invoices or at least some other online software, some won’t. These customers will probably be left in the dark as to what needs to be done to finish their paperwork. There’s also the possibility businesses you interact with do not utilize any online means of business, even e-mails. Aversion to technology doesn’t make them any less important to your bottom line though so the impact will be felt if you can’t figure out means of operation with them. Making an exception and doing the standard, hand-written route is always a possibility but it brings back the problems software solves. For these fringe cases, online invoice software proves completely meaningless as transactions and interactions happen offline.

Service fees

The most obvious downside is that we still need to pay fees to the service provider. This usually comes in the form of paying them a small cut for their services. Of course, the question of whether these fees are worth it is something that can only get answered on a case-to-case basis. Our suggestion is checking the fees required, the current amount of money you spend on doing invoicing actions, and whether there’s any workload you could better use time spent doing invoices on.


Summarizing the pros and cons of this software has hopefully given you better insight into the way they work and what you are getting into by engaging with them. Some other miscellaneous benefits and downsides weren’t listed but those aren’t as big of a deal as the ones we’ve laid out. After all, when choosing whether to purchase something related to your business having a grasp of its overall utility is important. Engaging with these services will lead to easier management of most related sectors so you can utilize your time better. Whatever choice you end up making we hope provided information was fruitful.