GOD OF WAR 5: Will They Give Us Surprise? CheckOut New Release Date, Cast, Story and Everything


God Of War is one of the oldest game for the Playstation gaming. In 2005, this action-adventure game released at Sony Santa Monica studio. Here you will get every detail about the God Of War season 5, which is going to release so soon.

Initially, David Jaffe released the first version of this game in 2005. Afterward, they get huge success, and they looked forward to the upgraded version. David released this game for PS3, PS4, and after that, they also moved to the PS5. Now since the news are out that they are going to release season 5, we all are very eager to get updates about the sequel.

However, they haven’t announced officially about season 5, but the source said that the game is being developed at the Sony Santa Monica studio.

Do we have the release date?

Well, they released the trailer of the game that confirms about the season 5. But till the date, we haven’t any released date or expected date.

Also, the creators are looking forward to give the best version of this game till now, So it will take some time to be made.

God of War 5
Credit- Screenrant

Well, we have waited so many years for season 4, but for season 5, it will not take so much of time. We will get the season 5 within 2021.

Trailer of God Of War Season 5

Yes, since the trailer is the primary key to get so many followers before the release of any games. So they released the trailer of season 5. Here we have the video of trailer and teaser, so do watch and enjoy.

The trailer of season 5 was released too early in 2019.


All the characters of the old season will be back in the upcoming sequel season.

Weapons and new gameplay

Weapons and gameplay are the things that attract more people to the game, and all we love about God Of War is this thing.

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Well, we think that this time they are going to change so many things and it includes weapons and gameplay too. As they are growing the game with an upgraded version, we think them to give more fantastic things again.

So this is it, for now, Stay tuned with us for more and keep waiting for more details about God Of War season 5.