Are Audiobooks Good for You and Your Family

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For thousands of years people have used the written word and multiple forms of language to transfer their knowledge, history, and tradition through time. If there were no books and other forms the text was kept, we would not know anything about our past and who the ancient civilizations were. Lucky for us a modern society, there were thousands of artists and creative people over the years who found their calling and chose the careers of writing.

This is why reading was always so important as it told us about the different views of different people, sparked new ideas in our heads, helped us understand difficult and abstract things, and taught us about the world and everything around it. When or if we were to get tired of the real things and notions, the minds and imaginations of the authors helped us get lost in fantastical and alternate worlds with colorful characters we could easily identify with. If you wish to find out the best audiobooks available and read the reviews of past listeners, make sure to visit imho review.

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Current State of Reading

With the advancements of technology and the fact that modern life moves at a much faster pace, people have started reading less and less. Libraries are still among the most treasured places on the planet considering how much knowledge and information they hold, but the internet and contemporary technology are quickly taking over and they are now the go-to sources for fun and education. This prevents the books from having as bright of a future and they are nowhere near as important as back in the day.

About Audiobooks

Lucky for us as those who would lack precious info and education without them, people thought of an ingenious idea of how books can be modernized brought to the new generations with technology. Audiobooks are the present and the future of reading despite no actual reading on your end taking place. Audiobooks exist so that you do not have to do the act of reading and still get all of the information from the books.

With experts from the field of writing and literature in general and the help of voice actors and professional readers, most books have been adapted to audio formats in the form of audiobooks that you can listen to whenever you want. Therefore, they are very beneficial for anyone who starts listening to them, including yourself and the members of your family. Despite the fact that you may not enjoy literature in any way, listening instead of reading comes with so many positives and it was proven to be good for us. In the following sections we talk about how exactly they benefit the listeners.

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Overall Benefits

To start things off we will first give you the basic and general benefits of listening to audiobooks frequently. According to research, listening to storytelling and the skills related to it are increased by 26%, and you will save 26% of time it would take you to read it cover to cover. Regarding your mental fitness and concentration, they will jump by 16% due to the amount of information you are being fed and the efforts you make to absorb it all. Consumption of knowledge is benefited by 13%, and something that many people will like is the fact that you will save tons of space due to the lack of heavy and cumbersome books on your shelves.

Despite having less physical books on your hands though, research suggests that people actually fall in love with books again, or for the first time ever, when they start actively listening to audiobooks. Not only that, but since anyone can do it and we are after all taking about the benefits for you and your family, you can share the experiences and talk about the books during quality family time much more often. Last but not least, listening to audiobooks promotes relaxation and good sleeping habits.

More Free Time

Now that we have discussed all of the general positives of audiobooks, let us talk about some of the more important ones. What many listeners enjoy is the newly found free time they have on their hands, and we mean that literally. When you are reading, you have to employ your whole body and take a considerable chunk of your day to devote it to the book. You must sit somewhere comfortable, isolate yourself a bit, and use your hands and eyes while simultaneously thinking about what you are reading.

With listening, you are only listening and nothing else. What this gives you is hours and hours during which you can clean, cook, shower, or do anything else that does not need too much concentration or brain power. Commuting, exercising, or just walking around the city, the biggest advantage of audiobooks for anyone is how many more other things you can do at the same time. Children can even do some of their homework while listening to the book.

Learning Languages

Among the best ways you can practice your foreign language listening skills is through stories read to you by native speakers. If you are learning a new language right now, getting a few audiobooks appropriate for your current language level will help you expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and help you better understand the melody and stress of the language. All in all, you have a much higher chance to sound like a native speaker and utilize the language appropriately if you engage in audiobooks.

The Kids Love Them

Reading to your kids before bed and in other situations is not always possible for many reasons. You may be busy, they may want new books and stories you do not have, or they simply may wish for some kind of change.

Playing them some children friendly stories before bed, when they get up, or just during their free time when they are playing will help them learn things passively. Once they grow up they will know much more than an average child and be informed on numerous other topics than those they may explore in school. What is more, you will develop a healthy and beneficial habit for them for which they will surely be grateful later in life.