Are International Calling Cards Still Relevant in 2024?


In 2024 we are spoilt for choice when it comes to communication in a country and outside to other countries tools like Facebook Messenger Skype and literally hundreds of calling apps that allow you to tappet contact and have a conversation up and running within a few seconds why are there still people using international calling cards a technology that was created decades ago?

In this article, I will explain my people still favouring international calling cards over all of the new and modern technology available.

Why use a calling card?


“International calling cards, like any product, come with multiple benefits that are unique to that person, for example, some people want to use a calling card because it may mask their real number.” JT,


One of the primary reasons people use international calling cards is because they are incredibly cheap helping their users say up to 90% on international calls.

That is a massive saving for anyone.

Flexible You can choo@se the best option based on your calling preferences

International calling cards are also incredibly flexible meaning that you can always find an international calling card based on your specific needs whether that making one call or multiple calls or calling specific countries on specific devices you’ll always be able to find an international calling card that suits your individual needs.

2. Copper lines

One of the other big benefits to using international calling cards is that they use traditional copper phone lines to connect calls is it the same lines that are used when calling people using your landline or mobile phone so there is no internet connection required when using call me cards which means you don’t need to worry about whether the person you are calling has a stable internet connection.

Who uses calling cards?

When you think of the type of person who would use an international calling card intended think of someone who just migrated from one country to another who needs to stay in contact with their family from their home country but in actual fact international calling cards are used by people for many different reasons.

1. International people settling affairs overseas

International calling cards are a big cost saver if you’re living in another country but we need to call back home to manage your personal affairs banking or dealing with the government in both scenarios oftentimes you will be waiting inside a calling queue sometimes for a couple of hours making these incredibly expensive calls so using international call makes it a lot more affordable to deal with your overseas affairs.

2. Radio shows

It’s not uncommon for radio show personalities to use international calling cards as well and typically used for conducting overseas interviews and stories from overseas it just makes it a lot more cost effective.

3. Immigrants

The largest market for international calling cards are people who have just moved to a new country and want to remain in contact with their family overseas while most will be able to use modern technologies like calling apps and video calling, etc. a lot of the time these people come from country shooting I have reliable internet and who do not use new technology and still use landlines mobile phone which makes international calling cards a natural and obvious choice.

4. Low tech people

Another big market is the older generation, people in their 70s and 80s who grew up with a landline, these people find it hard to move to a mobile phone using the latest calling apps so international calling cards are perfect because it allows you to stay in contact with them without having to teach them new technology.

5. Travellers


I myself have always used a phone card to make calls because while travelling even if I’m calling to well-developed countries with reliable internet because it saves me from having half a dozen different apps on my phone.

I will use my international calling card to call from my mobile to theirs and it’s no problem, I can always get them on the phone.

How to buy a calling card


Counter to what you may think buying a calling card requires a little insider knowledge because there are a lot of questionable practices that take place in this industry so you can either learn the hard way by buying any old calling card or learn through others like myself.

1. Newsagents and supermarkets

I would advise against using general retail stores simply because they have little knowledge of what phone cards they are actually selling.

For example, if you ask questions like which card is the best for calling a specific country on a specific device or whether or not looking at has any hidden fees what will typically see is the retailer picking up the card is reading it out to you something that you could have done by yourself.

2. Specialist retailers

Instead, I recommend buying from an international calling card retailer who specialises in cells only international calling cards the reason for this is that you have a much higher chance of walking away with the product that is perfect for what you needed to do you can ask these people any question and they will have the answer for you.

Some of the questions you want to ask are:

  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Are there any connection fees?
  • Can I call a mobile using the phone card?
  • I’m calling to X country which is the best calling card?
  • If I have a technical problem like a bad line or a cross line how long does it take to resolve?


International calling cards have many great benefits and are used by many types of people for multiple reasons and I don’t see calling cards going away anytime soon, in fact you may see them change form with companies now integrating them into calling apps giving users the best of both worlds inside one app.