Bunk Bed Mattress Buying Guide

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Bunk beds are the most preferred type of base for the kid’s room. Bunk beds can accommodate two or three children at a time and this factor helps save extra space that is otherwise wasted on another mattress in the same room. Hence, finding the right mattress for bunk beds is not an easy task.

If you are looking for the best mattress for side sleepers to buy, check here for some tips.


Large Mattress for Bunk Beds

Sometimes the bunk bed base will not be designed in the same dimension. However, if the bunk bed in your room or the children’s room has the same dimension base, then you can go with the large mattresses.

The available dimension will be as per your requirement and they offer a soft and comfortable sleeping area for the people sleeping on the bunk beds. It is even an ideal choice for a children’s room as well.

Twin Mattress for Bunk Beds

As the name says, both the mattress will be of the same dimension here. It is the ideal choice for PG or hostel or even the students’ dorm room beds as well.

Full Mattress for Bunk Beds

The lofty full mattresses are available in desired dimensions. Both the mattresses will be designed with individual wrapping coils. The mattress is the best choice for bunk beds of large dimensions.

Factors to Look for while Buying Bunk Beds

Once you have chosen the type of mattress, you should not rush into buying the set for the bunk bed in your home. Here are some of the factors that you should consider before planning to purchase bunk bed mattresses.

  • Safety of the Sleeper

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The bunk bed that you have bought for the bedroom should strictly adhere to the standard safety laws as set by that particular country. Before allowing your children to sleep on the bunk beds, you should make sure that you explain the below-mentioned things about the bunk beds.

  1. Using a ladder while climbing is a must.
  2. Children should not play or even jump on the upper berth.
  3. The upper bunk bed should not have two children at a time.
  • Size of the Bunk Bed Base

You should measure the bunk bed size and compare the available space in the room of your children, before planning to buy one. You should even consider checking the available area between the bunk bed and the floor before purchasing a mattress for the bunk bed.

  • Mattress Size

You should go with such mattress sizes that can be easily accommodated on the bunk bed base. The twin mattress set that you choose can be easily accommodated on both the lower and upper areas of bunk beds.

  • Comfort and Support

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Thin layered mattresses that are chosen for bunk beds will not offer a sense of safety and comfort to the sleeper on it. If it is a children’s bed, then the mattress should be chosen in such a way that it supports the growing demands of the bones and muscles in the body of the children.

  • Measuring the size

While you are determining the size of the mattress, you need to start from the side railings. You can go for a queen or king-size mattress but what about the height of the mattress? While buying a mattress for the bunk bed, you need to be very careful with the height of the mattress too.

If the height of the mattress is higher than the side railings of the bunk bed, there will be a risk of falling. Therefore, it is important that you keep the height less than that of the side railings. To do so, you need to measure the size of the side railings. After you are done with that, order the mattress accordingly.

The average height of the mattress for bunk beds is 7 to 8 inches. This is usually less than the railings but still, you need to be sure of that. After all, it is about your safety.

Sometimes, people also use a waterproof layer or something to make it soft on the top. If you are planning to add this extra layer, you need to get a mattress with less thickness.

  • Weight of the mattress

You should not just buy any mattress. If it is too thick and heavy, it won’t be easy to lift it up. Rotating the mattress is very important because it increases its working life. In addition to this, there will be dead skin cells and dust on the bottom. This will deteriorate the bottom. Therefore, you should regularly switch the sides and use the top and bottom sides.

However, a heavy weight will make it difficult for you to do so. Furthermore, if you have a top bunker, it will be almost impossible because you will feel lazy to do so.

  • Foundation board

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Bunk beds usually use traditional box springs. These spring boxes further raise the mattress. The foundation will either be a Bunkie board or wooden slats or you can use crossbars. So which one will you choose? If you are buying the bunk bed by yourself, you will have the option to choose the foundation.

But if you already have the bed, you need to be careful with the choice of the mattress. It should be compatible with the foundation. If you get a foam with a crossbar foundation, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep. Furthermore, you won’t be comfortable while sleeping. Therefore, you should get a mattress with a strong base.

Or you can buy a foundation board. So whether you need a foundation board or not, will be your choice.

  • The price tag

You can buy an expensive one if you are going to use it personally and regularly. However, if you are buying it for guests and for occasional use, no need to spend so much money. The life span and the quality varies from user to user. So you have to decide what price you are willing to pay and for what.

Finding the Right Bunk Bed

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You cannot randomly choose a bunk bed, based on the available space in the children’s room. Here are some tips for you to choose the right bunk bed.

  • Available Storage Area

Some bunk beds are provided with extra cabinets, drawers, or even space for you to use as per your requirement. You can choose such options for easy storage of the toys and other things of the children away from the eyesight, once your children are done playing with such toys.

  • Ideal One for You

Before looking for bunk beds, you should decide the number of berths that you wish to have in the bunk beds. Some bunk beds are available with only one upper berth and the whole of the lower area is left untouched.

Some bunk beds are designed with the facility to place two mattresses on them and some with three. Some beds are designed in an “L” shape, some with trundle beds, and some for the loft sleepers. Decide what you are looking for and then go with the bunk bed shopping idea. Happy shopping.