Are Cheap Heart Rate Monitors Worth Buying?


Today, technology has advanced so much that there is no need to use traditional approaches to measuring heart rate or to visit a doctor. There are various devices on the market that enable almost identical measurement accuracy as medical equipment. Of course, this does not apply to clinical and medical diagnoses. However, it can point you to everything else. This applies to the warning, your limits, achievements, and all other important guidelines. It is crucial for an athlete to stay healthy because good training means respecting one’s limits.

Otherwise, you can very easily discard everything you achieved that day. And at the same time, you are harming your health. Either way, we are surrounded by a wide variety of technology and it is all the more difficult to decide on what suits us best. When buying, we take into account several factors, and the price of the product is certainly one of the primary ones. Don’t skimp when it comes to your health, but don’t make the decision so easily and buy overpriced products. Pay attention to their functions and your needs. Read the rest of the text a bit more about heart rate monitors and find out which type of device is the right choice for you.

Pulse and LED technology


Therefore, when using this technology, it is necessary for the skin to remain firmly connected to the device. Depending on the dynamics of blood flow, you get a report of changes in heart rate. The better the connection, the more readable the results will be. That is why it works best when there is no barrier between this technology and the skin, that is, when there are no clothes.

People mostly opt for a sports watch, but then they have a problem when it is a colder period of the year because they wear it over long T-shirts, etc. This is not the only trap, because they have the same problem during hot summer days when they sweat more. Then the monitor just can’t lie nicely on the skin, but you don’t have to worry. You can always use your mobile phone or HRM sensor and make direct contact. And in this way, you achieve maximum results.

Pulse and training

Heart rate should not only be monitored by those with chronic diseases and other health disorders, but also by people who train. It is very important to be maximally informed about this, because in this way you can recognize certain problems during training. You really need an accurate heart rate monitor. So, the pulse shows how hard the training is for your body. It is clear to you that during training, the heart beats faster and pumps harder because it must satisfy the needs of the muscles. However, you will determine the intensity better if you listen to your pulse.

Athletes use a variety of devices to help monitor their condition. For example, you can choose from some very affordable devices that are comfortable to wear. They are mostly designed to be worn day and night and can be connected to a phone. Either way, you can just use your phone by installing an app that will achieve the same results. You just have to view more on the App Store or Google Play and find a good app.

Pulse tracking for free


Of course, you can feel the pulse without the device. And this is completely free because all you need are fingers that you will place on a certain part of the body and look at the clock. You need to recognize the difference between the pulse in rest, movement and training. When measuring the resting heart rate, our recommendation is to do it immediately after waking up in the morning, because then the heart rate is the most stable. To do this, use three fingers, place them on the inside of the hand in the area of the wrist and slowly press gently.

Stay in this position and monitor your heart rate for one minute, and if you want to measure it faster, count the beats for 15 seconds. After that, multiply the number by 4. However, if you are not professional enough and do not know more about the possible consequences and meaning of the pulse, it is best to use a heart rate monitor. It is definitely the surest way to objectively look at your condition and get valid results. Keep in mind that it is very important to monitor your heart rate, and that is why you need a reliable one.


When choosing heart rate monitors, pay attention to the way the information arrives. By this, we mean the warning you will receive if you are in the red zone or the right zone when you need to put in even more effort. Of course, you need to consider several different options and determine which one suits you best. The type of warning will depend on where you carry the device and its design. For example, if the device is on your wrist, you will most likely receive an audible warning. On the other hand, when using the phone and the application, you can choose between several alerts, etc.

More advanced technology will give you many more options, and it is easier to apply. Most monitors use wireless technology that synchronizes their data with other devices and applications.

Monitor type


When thinking about buying this device, first look at your needs. Ask yourself what the specific reason for your purchase is and whether you have the opportunity to save money or not. If you want to go cheaper, know that and how you can. In the first place, you have the traditional heart rate measurement, heart rate measurement via the application, phone, and other devices that are specially designed just for this. So, the lower your criterion, the lower the prices of the service. In that case, look at your goals and which option is most appropriate for them.

If you are an exerciser who has milder intensity workouts a couple of times a week, a cheaper option will probably come in handy. On the other hand, professional athletes certainly invest much more in a heart rate monitor. When it comes to quality and the difference between the cheaper and the most expensive, we can tell you that each of them is correct. This means that the most expensive models do everything you can imagine while the cheap ones have a poorer offer.


Keep in mind that it is very important to opt for a flexible device. This means that he should not distract you during the activity or should not bother you. Choose something that will not disturb the simplicity and practicality of your daily activities while at the same time performing its function.