What Is the Most Accurate Method of Heart Rate Monitoring?

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So, measuring your heart rate means monitoring your heart rate in one minute. The measurement is performed when you are in a state of rest, and when you do not exercise or do any other activity. Based on the results, you will get a clearer picture of the health of your heart muscle. Every day we are exposed to a large number of obligations that cause us stress. Also, many of you exercise hard or engage in some grueling activities.

Because of things like this, we should pay more attention to our pulse, especially if you experience symptoms such as dizziness and the like. Heart rate can indicate many health problems, but there are also many factors that affect your heart rate. For example, these are temperature, body position, emotional state, caffeine intake and other things. There are several methods used to measure heart rate, and we will tell you more about them.

Radial pulse measurement

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The most popular method is to measure the radial pulse. In that case, you will have to find the radial artery, place the pointer and the finger on the inside of the other hand. Then you can start counting. Why is it important to measure the pulse with the middle finger of the opposite hand? For example, if you put your thumb on it, you would not get good results. The thumb can make counting much more difficult, which is why you will not get accurate results.

Cartoid pulse measurement

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Another method is to find the carotid pulse or carotid artery. All you need to do to find this artery is to feel it under the jaw, on the side of the trachea. If you can’t find it the first time, don’t worry. Move your fingers up to a few times until you feel a heartbeat.

Pulse pedal measurement

You can measure the pedal pulse by finding it at the top of your foot. You need to find the highest point of the bone in the foot with your index finger and middle finger.

Brachial pulse measurement

Brachial pulse involves finding the brachial artery and this method is most often used in small children. In this situation, you have to turn your arm to put it in a slightly bent position. Then, your index finger and middle finger on the bend of your elbow and try to feel the pulse. No matter which method you choose, you can measure the beats in 15 seconds and multiply them by the number 4, so you will get results.

Pulse measurement using a device

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This method has proven to be the most effective. Compared to all other methods, measuring your heart rate with an auxiliary device will give you fast and reliable results. You can use blood pressure monitors, digital fitness trackers, etc. for that. One of the most popular options is definitely smartphones apps for several reasons. They are very easy to use, and allow you to constantly monitor, take notes and is always with you. That is why it is very easy to train with him, because he is already on your phone. This way, you can better plan your workout by measuring your heart rate during a particular workout. This way you will find the ideal combination and your health will not suffer.

Bad signs

If your heart rate is constantly low, our advice is to contact a doctor. In that case, you will find out in time what the problem is. This condition is called bradycardia. Although this is a normal condition in younger people and athletes if there are no other symptoms, there is a serious danger. When we talk about other symptoms, we mean frequent chest pain, dizziness, weakness, fainting or some similar symptoms that often occur. On the other hand, a constant high heart rate is called tachycardia.

For example, it is perfectly normal to have a high heart rate while exercising, while under stress, or feeling anxious. However, it is not healthy that this often happens to you for no reason or while you are resting. If you also experience other symptoms such as weakness, anxiety, headache, etc., you need to consult your doctor.

How do I check my blood pressure with my phone?

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If you normally have a problem with blood pressure, your doctor will definitely advise you to monitor it at home every day. However, you cannot be in your home all day nor can you always have a tracking device with you. That’s why a lot of them opt for an blood pressure check app that they can easily install on their phone and achieve the same results. Best of all, these apps offer many other features that will positively affect your health. At Welltory.com you can check out more details about this app, but if you want to get it right now, click at Welltory App.

For example, this refers to various fields in which important information is entered that will help you monitor your blood pressure. These are information about the pulse, intake of various foods such as salt, information about weight, exercise and other things. All of these are important factors that directly affect heart health. In addition, you can set an alarm as a reminder to take medication, check blood pressure, etc. There is also the option of sending information that you can pass on to your doctor or someone else. This way, your doctor will be able to react immediately if he notices that something is wrong with you. This will also contribute to a more efficient diagnosis, because you will give him a detailed report based on when he will give you adequate therapy.


People around the world face heart problems and that is why experts recommend regular heart rate monitor. Since technology is advancing more and more every day, there will be no need to go to the doctor often, because now you can measure your heart rate yourself. There are plenty of ways to do this.

In addition to traditional methods, you can also opt for tracking devices and apps. Due to the large number of choices, people often wonder which method is the most reliable. It is best to opt for the option that will offer you much more than the current pulse. These are definitely apps that allow daily tracking, logging and many other features.