Interior Design Ideas – Why Buy Big When You Can Buy Small


Most people wish to have a big house. A big house may look lavish, but the warmth of a smaller home is no less. Both big and small houses have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most people have a common notion that a smaller home cannot look decked up or have a special appeal. However, with a bit of creativity and outstanding ideas, you can give your house a stylish look and feel. Home décor stores like Or & Zon sell unique home décor stuff that can ramp up the style quotient of your house.

Is a big house worth it?


A big house may have a swimming pool, garage, more than two bedrooms, a large garden, and many other facilities. Additionally, you can use your big house for your parties, occasions, and meetings. You’ll never go out of space if many guests come, or you need to throw a party. You can use your garden for harvesting vegetables and flowers. You can even start some business from your home by utilizing the space judiciously.

However, there are a few drawbacks of big houses.

  • They are extremely expensive. So, one must buy a big house only if one can afford it.
  • Maintaining a big house takes a toll on your pocket as well.
  • More space means more furniture, which again means more investment and maintenance costs.
  • Big houses involve cumbersome daily cleaning processes.
  • The issue of safety and security is also a significant one in big houses.

Small houses


In a well-designed small house, you have all the basics and sometimes more but in a compact way. If your small living space does not have a garden, you can go for planters that you can hang on the walls or balconies. Small houses are cozier. Moreover, living in a small house can have fewer maintenance costs. Also, designing a small home is much easier and budget-friendly. In the long run, it wouldn’t pinch living in it, as you won’t need to spend a hefty amount on maintenance. The best part is that due to limited space, the family gets more opportunities to intermingle with each other, thus strengthening the bonding.

So, let’s see in how many ways you can decorate a house:

· Space-saving & dual-purpose furniture

One of the key concerns for smaller homes is space. Conventionally designed furniture can sometimes make it look overstuffed. However, nowadays people have become smarter, and they are exploring space-saving furniture options. A wall-mounted foldable table can come in real handy while working from home. After your work is done, you can just fold it, and it remains a part of the wall. These are a must for small houses to utilize space to the maximum. Also, check out dual-purpose furniture.

Any furniture that serves your purpose duly is a friend. For example, when you don’t have a separate guest room, you can have a sofa couch bed. Sounds good, right? While you are buying a coffee table, make sure it has some storage under it. You can easily put books and magazines in there. Keep this advice in mind whenever you go furniture shopping.

· Customized Storage


Storage can be a real problem for small houses. However, you can overcome the issue with a little bit of planning. Explore the internet, and you will find thousands of ideas on intelligent home storage solutions by experts. You will be amazed yourself. Some basic ideas are ottomans with storage, hanging cabinets, loft storage, sleek and stylish sliding wardrobes, etc.

· Nice Furnishings

If you plan to give your home a warm and cozy appeal, investing in plush furnishings is a good option. However, do not overdo it. Invest in good bed linen, quilts, throws, runners, rugs, cushions, doormats, window coverings, and so on. This will certainly enhance the look of your room. You can also go for roller blinds from a site like instead of curtains and use light colors on walls for a more spacious and smart look. You can explore the various home décor products at stores.

· Glass Tables


In a small space whether it is a dining table, center tables, or coffee tables, go for a glass top. This also creates an optical illusion. Because of the glass on top, you can see the floor. This makes the space look more spacious. Also, if you choose shiny floor tiles or wall tiles, your place will look bigger. You can use mirrors prudently.

· Zone Out

If you need to separate a place from a common space, hang curtains as a boundary, which will easily divide the space. You can use both places separately. This is one of the easiest and most common ways interior decorators use to create rooms.

· Hanging plants


Green is a new style. You can add some green indoor plants to your home. A good option would be to choose hanging plants. These don’t take up extra space in the room and style up your room well.

· Hanging lamps

Most of us love lamps, but they take a lot of unnecessary space. So, you can always opt for hanging lamps; especially, your bedside lamps.

· Architectural quirk

Every house has an architectural quirk. No matter how small it is. Take full advantage of that corner in every way possible. Use it for sitting arrangements, stores, closets, anything you want or need!

· Mounted TV or no TV


Hide your TV in a credenza and give it a look of an artwork. Other than these, it is always a better option to mount your TV on the wall. This way you won’t need a TV stand blocking the space. Therefore, more space is free for you to experiment and improvise.

· Top of Your Fridge

This place should not be left empty as well. You can use it for decoration purposes as well. Frame your children’s artwork or planters, or family photographs and place them on top of your refrigerator. Having done so, it would look more compact, well-designed, and cozy.

A small home can give you so many things, even on a little budget. So, why go big? Big things are fashioning out at a rapid speed. Embrace the small and see the bigger magic it can create in your life!