Around 3000 Fake Driving Licenses Seized In Louisville


Based on US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), national officials currently captured around 3,000 bogus driver’s licenses and over 3,100 sterile card stocks used to make counterfeit licenses in Kentucky.
The IDs were moving from China to unique places in New York, the national agency advised, including that the bogus driver’s permits were captured at an Express Consignment Operations heart in Louisville, KY.

Officials from Louisville reported to CBP officers in Memphis because the counterfeit identification cards were sent to this region, leading to an additional 527 bogus driver’s licenses in Tennessee, officials advised.

Among those shipments caught was led into a convicted child abuser from the New York region, by CBP, which included researchers presume that the person attracts minors with alcohol and false IDs before participating in illegal activity. Homeland Security is analyzing.

Thomas Mahn, the Louisville Port manager, advised that fake IDs are often bought and sold via “dark web” transactions.

“One of the substantial concerns as it connects into fraudulent identity documents is identity theft, worksite enforcement, critical infrastructure security, fraud linked to immigration-related crimes like human trafficking, and such documents may be used by these people associated with illegal labor to minimize scrutiny from traveling screening steps,” Mahn said.